4 Secret Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free

Secret Ways To Promote YouTube Channel

Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free

Hey there! Today, we’ve got something exciting to share with you. We want to introduce you to four secret websites to promote your YouTube channel for free and get loads of views. Yes, you heard that right! We’re going to dive into some clever strategies to help grow your channel organically through the YouTube algorithm.

You see, getting those initial views can be tough, but it’s crucial to optimize your videos properly so that the YouTube algorithm takes notice. Once it starts promoting your videos to more people, that’s when the magic happens. You’ll start seeing that snowball effect and your channel will begin to thrive.

The best part? These secret websites we’re about to reveal will give you a head start in promoting your YouTube channel without constantly hustling on different platforms. We’ll tap into their unique features to expand your reach and boost your viewership.

So, are you ready to unlock the potential of these four intriguing websites? Let’s dive right in and discover how they can supercharge your YouTube channel promotion efforts. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this!

List of 4 Websites to Promote Your YouTube Channel Free

1. MeWe

MeWe webiste

Discover a powerful yet lesser-known platform with almost 8 million monthly visitors, where you can effectively drive traffic to your YouTube channel – MeWe. This secret website, as revealed by SimilarWeb.com, is gaining significant traction.

MeWe is a social media platform similar to Facebook, designed around trust, control, and love. Getting started is easy – simply create an account by providing your first name, last name, and email address. The platform welcomes users aged 16 and above. Once logged in, you’ll find a familiar Facebook-like feed.

To leverage MeWe’s potential, consider the niche of your YouTube channel. For instance, if your channel focuses on making money online, you can utilize the search bar and enter “5 Online Typing Jobs To Make Money“.

2. Answers

Answers.com website page display

Answers.com is an often-overlooked platform with immense potential for channel promotion. Despite attracting 6 million monthly visitors, it remains underutilized. For content creators in fitness, cooking, or weight loss, this platform presents a valuable opportunity. By browsing questions on Answers.com, you can engage with users seeking advice and provide thoughtful responses with links to your videos. This organic approach connects you with a receptive audience, attracting real viewers and potential subscribers.

Successfully enticing targeted viewers to your channel sends a strong signal to the YouTube algorithm. It recognizes that your content resonates with a specific audience and promotes your videos accordingly. This symbiotic relationship boosts your visibility and growth potential. Promoting your YouTube channel on external platforms like Answers.com is crucial, especially in the initial stages. By driving traffic from sources like mewe.com, you become a valuable asset. YouTube rewards creators who expand their reach beyond the platform, enhancing your standing.

Seize this opportunity and strategically promote your channel on Answers.com. Connect with users genuinely interested in your content, and watch your viewership and subscribers grow. By leveraging the untapped power of this platform, you can propel your channel to new heights.

3. SlideShare

a website display of SlideShare.net

Let’s explore the third website on our list: SlideShare.net. This platform is a real powerhouse, with a whopping 61 million views every single month. Here’s the deal: SlideShare.net is all about sharing PDF documents, and people are really into it. You won’t believe it, but some documents shared there a year ago have already racked up 12 million views!

Now, here’s how we can use SlideShare.net to our advantage. First, sign up for a free account on the platform. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have the option to upload your own documents. And guess what? These documents can be related to the videos you create!

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche. You can create a PDF guide, something like “How to Lose Weight.” Share that document on SlideShare.net, and here’s where the magic happens. People who are interested in weight loss and stumble upon your document will open it up and discover your call to action. That’s where you can include a link to your YouTube video about weight loss. When they click on that link, they’ll be directed to your YouTube video, and voila! You’ve attracted a high-quality audience from SlideShare.net.

But that’s not all. People also leverage SlideShare.net to promote various affiliate links. So if you’re into affiliate marketing, this platform can be a game-changer.

So, go ahead and give SlideShare.net a shot. It’s an incredible opportunity to reach a massive audience and drive targeted traffic to your YouTube channel.

4. BitChute

a website display page of Bitchute

If you’re looking for a platform similar to YouTube, then BitChute.com is worth exploring. With 32 million monthly visitors, it offers a great opportunity to expand your audience. Just like YouTube, BitChute allows you to share videos and create an account to get started.

On BitChute, you can begin by sharing short clips or excerpts from your videos. To entice viewers, you can include a call-to-action in the description box, such as “For the full video, click here” or “Visit my YouTube channel for more.” Upload a snippet of your video, maybe around 20 seconds, showcasing the most interesting part, and then add a text overlay with the call-to-action message.

By strategically utilizing BitChute, you can effectively promote your YouTube channel. Drive traffic to your primary channel by providing a teaser on BitChute and encouraging viewers to watch the full video on YouTube. It’s a simple yet powerful way to attract new subscribers and increase engagement with your content.

Take advantage of BitChute’s user-friendly interface and reach a wider audience by incorporating it into your channel promotion strategy.


To summarize these are platforms that nobody’s talking about that you can use to promote through your YouTube channel for free and get a lot of views and real subscribers are mewe.com, and answers.com then we have SlideShare.net and we also have BitChute.com and Rumble.com. I really hope you learned something new today.

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