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4 Secret Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free

Today I want to show you four secret websites that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for free and get a lot of views. Now, honestly, to grow your YouTube channels organically through the YouTube algorithm to optimize videos properly so that the YouTube algorithm actually promotes those videos to more people. That’s how you get the most of the views.

In the beginning, it’s hard to get those initial views so I’m going to tell you how you can promote your YouTube channel for free to start getting views to start growing your channel. So that you can share the snowball effect and then just get the algorithm to promote more of your videos inside of YouTube so that you don’t have to constantly promote your videos across different platforms, which I’m going to tell you. Let’s look at those four interesting websites.

1 – MeWe

The first platform that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for free is going to be a platform that is being visited by almost 8 million people every single month. And this is actually the smallest secret website that we will be using to drive traffic. According to similar Web.com, this secret website is getting almost 8 million views per month. This platform is called MeWe.com.

MeWe is another social media platform just like Facebook, a social network built on trust control, and love. You can create an account by entering your first name, your last name, and your email address. You will have to be at least 16 years old to use it. And once you log in, this is what you are going to be able to see and it basically looks just like a Facebook feed. So, what you can do is you can think about the niche of your channel. So let’s say, the niche of your channel is making money online. You can go to the search bar and you can type in Make Money Online. For example, if I search for Make Money Online, it shows us the groups having 90 members, 1000 members, 400 members, or 200 members. So you can start promoting your videos in those specific groups. Find people who are actually interested in that specific topic and get hundreds if not thousands of clicks on your videos if you do it correctly.

2- Answers

The next website that no one is talking about, but you can use to promote your channel. This website is called Answers.com, which according to a similar web being visited by only six million people every single month. Answers is a platform where people come to ask and answer specific questions. So if your channel is talking and teaching people how they can get six-pack ABS or lose weight or it’s it’s talking about how to prepare food. You can just go and you can search for questions like, hey, how do I prepare? How do I make a cake? Or if your channel is about how to lose weight, you can type in How Do I Lose Weight? And you can find people who have asked those questions like how to lose Weight. You can find people who are asking those questions, and then you can reply to them, and you can give them a link to one of your videos. And that way you can promote those videos organically to people who are actually interested in that topic. So you can get real viewers on your videos that might potentially subscribe and watch your future videos as well.

And also, when you attract targeted people to your channel, they will give a signal to the YouTube algorithm that they should promote your videos to that type of audience. That is interesting, those types of videos will ultimately help you promote their channel even more. And the reason for promoting your YouTube channel on external platforms like these, in the beginning, is extremely important because YouTube is a social media platform and like every other business, they’re trying to grow as much as possible. So if you can give signals to YouTube that you are bringing people from other platforms to their platform. That will be a huge bonus because obviously, they are competing with all of these social media networks. If they see you driving traffic from let’s say mewe.com they will be like, alright, he bringing people from that social media platform to our social media platform. Let’s reward these videos in let’s reward the channel. So you are basically being really, really good in YouTube’s eyes by promoting your channel externally. 

3 – SlideShare

Let’s go to the third website. This one is getting 61 million views every single month and the platform is called SlideShare.net. It is a platform where people are sharing different PDF documents. So for example, a document was shared one year ago and it already got 12 million views. So what we simply do is we can sign up for SlideShare.net for free. You can log into your account and then once you log into your account. You will be able to upload documents right and those pdf documents can be about the videos that you are making. So what I mean by this is that you can sell documents in any specific niche. You can make a PDF guide. Say, watch this video and then you just share that PDF document on SlideShare.net. The title of the document is, let’s say how to Lose Weight. A lot of the people that are on SlideShare.net who read that article about losing weight will open that up and will see your call to Action and a link to that YouTube video that they can watch. They will click on that and they will watch the YouTube video. So that’s how you can attract a lot of high-quality audiences from SlideShare.net.People also use SlideShare.net to promote different affiliate links.

4 – BitChute

A nice platform that he’s actually very similar to YouTube itself is BitChute.com. It is being visited by 32 million people every single month. Basically, BitChute is, as I said, very similar to YouTube where you can share different videos so you can register an account. You can start sharing short clips, and short inserts from your videos. And you can say for a full video, click here, and then in the description box on BitChute, you can just add your YouTube videos. If your video is ten minutes long, upload 20 seconds, and then you know, like the most interesting 20 seconds of your video, and then just cut it and add a text at. A call to action, click the link or go to my YouTube channel to see a full video and something like that. And that’s how you can use it to promote your channel.

If BitChute is down for you, you can also use an alternative website that actually has even more visits and the platform is called Rumble. And actually, a lot of different people use a Rumble like SpaceX is using Ramble, Donald. Trump is using a Ramble and Russell Brand is using Rumble. There are a lot of people, a lot of massive celebrities using Rumble. This is a big platform indefinitely and you can also share short videos there so you can just click on the Upload Video button right over here. And obviously, the more of these that you share on both Rumber and BitChute, the higher your chances of getting more views in those clips will have. And plus the more clicks you will get to your YouTube videos.


To summarize these are platforms that nobody’s talking about that you can use to promote through your YouTube channel for free and get a lot of views and real subscribers are mewe.com, and answers.com then we have SlideShare.net and we also have BitChute.com and Rumble.com. I really hope you learned something new today.

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