Tuesday, February 7

About Us

UpStanding Hackers is a media platform that covers stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses that are challenging the norms and changing the rules of the game. We strongly believe that technology will have a huge impact on the way we live our lives and are extremely passionate about making sure that technology startups and entrepreneurs get the right kind of exposure.

UpStanding Hackers satisfies the hunger and thirst for trending news and events in each and every field including Technology, Business, Science, Gadgets, Software & Apps, Internet, and so on. And in order to taste the delicious news every day, all you need is to visit our site. We strive to explore the latest in the world of startups and technology businesses.

Why UpStanding Hackers?

As we said above, we’re a group of innovators and thinkers who are working day and night to solve the problems around us. We currently targeted tech as a niche for UpStanding Hackers because we think we understand tech better.

If you are also interested to contribute in UpStanding Hackers, then feel free to contact us, if we think you’re contributing something awesome, then we’d love to have you on our team.

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