Cracking the Code: Demystifying Mac Glitches and Fixes

Mac Glitches and Fixes

Is something ailing your Mac? Is it running too slow, or are apps constantly crashing? Before you junk your Mac, take a look at this guide. Here, we delve into demystifying Mac glitches and fixes.

Mac Glitches and Fixes

Startup Issues 

Is your Mac not booting correctly? Are you staring at a gray or blank startup screen? You have to boot your computer in Safe Mode. In this mode, your macOS will boot with the bare minimum of drivers and software required. Then, it will run a check of the startup disk and repair directory issues, if any. 

You can start your Mac in this mode by pressing and holding the Shift key. The Apple logo will appear, followed by the login screen. Let go of the Shift key when the logo disappears and the login screen appears. 

You must wait patiently to see the login screen because macOS will run diagnostics in the background. You can leave the Safe mode and use your Mac as usual by restarting it. Do not hold any keys this time. 

Can’t Connect to the Apple ID Server 

Compared to Windows-based computers, Mac computers offer a bug-free and seamless computing life. However, they are not invincible and run into problems like failure to connect to the Apple ID server. 

If there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server, there can be several causes for it. You may get this error while accessing iCloud services, iTunes, backups, or the App Store on your Mac. 

The problem might be related to the Apple ID, but sometimes, it may have nothing to do with it. The issue might stem from incorrect date and time settings, Wi-Fi connection issues, a bug in the operating system, or VPN interference. 

You can solve the issue by checking the Apple servers and ensuring the problem isn’t related to the Apple servers being down. If so, all you can do is wait. Next, you can check your Wi-Fi connection, turn off VPN, and sign out of Apple ID. Ensure the date and time are set correctly. 

Not Charging 

Mac computers may face power on or off problems, and this includes not charging and abrupt shutdowns while it is plugged in. 

If there are problems in charging your device, the first thing to check is the connection. Check whether there are any faulty switches, loose connections, or dust in the adapter.

These are some basic things to check if your device isn’t charging. Then, open the Battery Health and see if it instructs you to replace the battery. If so, go for it. 

Spinning Beach Ball 

The spinning beach ball is regarded as the most annoying Mac issue. This happens when you try to complete any task on your computer but cannot because you see the spinning beach ball. 

Although this isn’t an issue if you see it sometimes, it becomes a problem when this keeps happening. There might be something seriously wrong with the speed and performance of your Mac. The solution is straightforward. 

Open the Activity Monitor and see the apps consuming too much CPU. Quit those applications to free up resources. 

Flickering Screen 

One of the selling points in the market for Mac computers is their screen. It is the accuracy and quality of the screens that offer the best value in the market. Usually, the screens are consistent and offer an enhanced experience, but sometimes, they face display issues. 

Screen flickering is one of the most frequent issues Mac users face. If you see the screen flickering, the first thing to check is the hardware.

If there are no hardware issues, reset the PRAM or NVRAM. Also, update the macOS. You can even boot your Mac in Safe mode to pinpoint the trouble-causing application. 

Incompatible Login Items 

Do you see a blue startup screen? This means one of the startup items is causing problems. Startup items launch automatically when you start your Mac computer, which might be incompatible with your Mac. You can identify the application causing the problem through a bit of trial and error. 

The login items can be removed one by one from the startup to verify which one is the problem child. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > click your name on the left > click the Login Items > highlight the application and click the minus sign.

Then, the app will be removed from the list, and you need to restart your computer to see if the problem is solved. 

The Bottom Line 

So, these are some glitches that have Mac users perplexed. Now you know what they mean and how to fix them. Do not panic when you encounter these. 

However, if you cannot fix the issues yourself, you can contact the Apple technicians or go to the nearest Apple service center. 

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