Does CVS Take Apple Pay? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does CVS Take Apple Pay? Here's What You Need to Know

You’re in a rush running errands and need to make a quick stop at CVS to pick up a prescription or a few grocery items. But did you remember to bring your wallet? In the era of digital wallets and contactless payments, who needs cash anymore? The good news is CVS accepts Apple Pay, so you can pay quickly and securely with just your iPhone or Apple Watch. If you’re wondering, “Does CVS Take Apple Pay?” the answer is Yes!

Whether you’re paying for a prescription, grabbing a snack, or stocking up on essentials, Apple Pay has you covered at CVS. Read on to learn exactly how to use Apple Pay at CVS, which payment methods are accepted, and how it works with your ExtraCare card. By the time you check out, you’ll be paying faster than you can say “tap to pay.”

What Is Apple Pay and How Does It Work?

Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment system. It allows you to pay for purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or Face ID on your iPhone or iPad.

To use Apple Pay, you’ll first need to add a credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone. Once your card is added, you can begin using Apple Pay.

When you’re ready to pay, open the Wallet app or – if the store accepts Apple Pay – simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the payment terminal. Your default card will be charged and your payment processed securely using Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple Pay

For in-app or online purchases, look for the Apple Pay button at checkout. Tap it and your payment info will load automatically. Confirm the payment with your fingerprint or face scan and you’re done.

Security is a top priority for Apple Pay. Your actual card number is never shared with merchants and your payments are encrypted every step of the way. Apple Pay uses tokenization, meaning merchants get a 16-digit token instead of your real card number.

Apple Pay is accepted at many major stores like Target, CVS, Best Buy, and Whole Foods. Many apps like Starbucks, Uber, and Ticketmaster also accept Apple Pay for quick and easy payments. The list of supported stores, apps, and websites is always growing, so you’ll likely be using Apple Pay more and more.

Give Apple Pay a try – you’ll be checking out faster and more securely in no time! Let the cashier know you want to pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch and experience the future of payments.

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay in-Store?

So you’re wondering if you can use your Apple Pay at CVS to pay for your items. The good news is, yes, CVS does accept Apple Pay for in-store payments at most locations.

How to Use Apple Pay at CVS

To use Apple Pay at CVS, just hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the credit card terminal during checkout. When the reader detects your device, you’ll see a beep and feel a gentle tap. Your default card will be charged and you’re all set.

CVS pharmacy
Source: USA Today

If you have more than one card set up, you may have to confirm the card you want to use by double-clicking the side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can also set a different default card in the Wallet app.

Some tips for using Apple Pay at CVS:

  1. Make sure you have an eligible device like an iPhone 6 or later, or an Apple Watch. Earlier models don’t have the necessary NFC technology.
  2. Add a credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your device to use it for payments. Most major US banks and networks are supported.
  3. Look for the contactless payment or Apple Pay logo at checkout to ensure that location accepts mobile payments. Most CVS stores do, but it’s best to double check.
  4. Hold your unlocked device near the contactless reader during the card swipe or chip portion of the transaction. There’s no need to open an app.
  5. Keep your device near the terminal until you see confirmation on the screen or feel the vibration. Then you can put your phone or watch away.

Using Apple Pay at CVS and other stores is a convenient way to pay quickly and securely without handing over your physical credit cards. Give it a try next time you shop and experience the future of payments.

Using Apple Pay for Online Purchases at

Using Apple Pay to shop on is simple. Once you’ve added a payment method to Apple Pay, here’s how to use it for online purchases:

Register an Account

If you don’t already have an account, head to and register for a free account. Enter your name, email, password and any other requested info.

Select Apple Pay at Checkout

When you’re ready to checkout, select Apple Pay as your payment method. This option will appear on the payment page along with options like PayPal, credit/debit cards, etc.

Authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID

After choosing Apple Pay, you’ll be prompted to authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID if you have that set up on your iPhone or iPad. Place your finger on the Home button or look at the camera to verify it’s you.

Payment Complete

That’s it! Your payment will process instantly using the payment method you have stored in Apple Pay, like a credit or debit card. You’ll receive an email confirmation with details of your order and any digital receipts will be stored in the CVS app and in your Apple Wallet for easy access.

Using Apple Pay for your purchases provides an easy, secure checkout experience without having to enter payment info for each transaction. It allows for quick authentication using biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition. Plus, all of your receipts and payment details are stored in one convenient place. Offering a seamless customer experience is important to CVS, and accepting Apple Pay is one way they are achieving that goal.


So in conclusion, does CVS take Apple Pay? CVS does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their stores. The era of fumbling for cash or worrying about forgetting your wallet during a quick stop at CVS is fading away, thanks to the convenience of Apple Pay. Whether you’re in-store picking up essentials or shopping online at, Apple Pay offers a swift and secure payment solution.

The process of adding cards to the Wallet app, the ease of transaction using Touch ID or Face ID, and the heightened security measures, such as tokenization, make Apple Pay a futuristic and trustworthy method of payment. CVS’s acceptance of Apple Pay aligns with the growing trend of major stores and apps embracing this technology.

So, the next time you’re at CVS, streamline your checkout experience and embrace the future of payments with Apple Pay – where the speed and security of transactions redefine the way we pay.

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