Manufacturing License in UAE: Costs & Requirements

Manufacturing License in UAE: Costs & Requirements

Manufacturing licenses have a bigger scope in the UAE market due to their impressive investment facilities. Almost AED 15.36 billion are invested in the Abu Dhabi manufacturing facilities, and the rate is growing at a higher percentage of about 85.7 %. 

UAE has an excellent infrastructure with modern seaports and airports in the local consumer market. UAE has always been a promising market for manufacturing firms. The local workers are working for the solid local market and investing through the manufacturing license in UAE. 

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What Is a Manufacturing License?

The legal Government offers the manufacturing license to make a legal authorization of the company in production and manufacturing. The license is provided for the manufacturing process and ensures complete safety and quality control.

There are some specific requirements for obtaining the manufacturing license, and it depends on the nature of the products and processes that are needed to meet the established standards. Different companies, including food, beverages, and other chemical and electronic companies, can fall under such categories.

Benefits of Having a Manufacturing License in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Benefits of Having a Manufacturing License in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

There are different perks of having a manufacturing license in UAE. The perks are for those who want to invest in the UAE economy and increase the country’s growth.

  • The license lowers the risk of future risk problems.
  • Business persons can enjoy the tax benefits with zero income taxes.
  • The license needs a legal structure to protect your assets, and this legal structure can be from the Limited Liability Company.
  • The license shows that the firm is legal and trustworthy in the market.
  • The registered company can enjoy free trade agreements from the UAE trade market, raising trade opportunities with lower import/export costs. 

How to Apply for a Manufacturing License?

There are different steps to apply for a manufacturing license. If you want to apply for a manufacturing license, then there are some simple steps to follow for the license application.

Step 1: Structure Design

Pick up the legal structure for the manufacturing license. There are different structure options for the company’s legal structure.

  • Limited liability company
  • Public Joint Stock company
  • Private joint stock company
  • Local company branch

These are among the legal structures that provide options for companies who want to invest using the manufacturing license. 

Step 2:  Register Trade Name

The next step is to register the company name. When finalizing the company’s name, it is important to remember some points.

  • The name of the firm must be unique
  • The correct legal structure must be added 
  • Make sure the names must be with the manufacturing activities.
  • Don’t use other government names and agency names.

Step 3: Apply for the Approval

The third step requires the acceptance and approval of the manufacturing license once the Government approves the firm in the country.

Step 4: Create the MOA

Once the Government approves the firm, the next step is to need a Memorandum of Association. MOA is needed once you create a limited liability or private shareholding company. 

Step 5: Choose the Business Location

The next step involves the selection of the business location. You can apply for any location once you completed all the initial steps.

  • You can rent the office space in the free zone or on the mainland.
  • it allows you to buy the land factory in the office building
  • You make sure that the business location meets the Department of Economic Development rules and gets registered with the right facilities at the workplace.

Step 6: Submit the documents for the License Approval

The next step involves the complete submission of the documents. The need is to submit the essential documents that are as follows:

  • Initial approval Receipt
  • Submitted paperwork copies
  • Attested copies of the lease contract
  • MOA
  • Approvals from the government entities.

Step 7: Apply for the Additional Government Approvals

Some of the documents require approval from the Government; these are as follows:

  • Approval from the Ministry of Interior for the fire equipment and safety systems.
  • Approval from the Supreme Petroleum Council for the oil and gas manufacturing.
  • Get Approval from the local health department for health-related manufacturing.
  • Approval from the Environment Section of Dubai Municipality to make tents and tarps in Dubai.

The approval of different documents is required for the firm. The legal experts determine if the documents require additional approval.

Requirements of Manufacturing License UAE

Requirements of Manufacturing License UAE

There are certain requirements for getting a manufacturing license in the UAE. 

  • Complete the Application Form
  • Passport copies with the signatures of company shareholders and appointed managers.
  • 2 years of Audited Financial Reports
  • Board Resolution Appointing Manager.
  • Power of Attorney Granted to Manager
  • Article of Association
  • Capital Information.
  • Residence Visa
  • Name options

How to Apply for a UAE Manufacturing License 

If you already have the manufacturing license and want to upgrade it, you must apply for it.

Manufacturing license in Dubai is a one-time process. But if you want to renew the process, you can do that with simple steps and some documents.

  • Typed BR/1 Form
  • Ejari Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Tenancy Contract
  • Business trade license Copy
  • Continuity of Existence certificate
  • Business Partner Passport Copies
  • No objection certificate from External Authorities

UAE Manufacturing License Fees

The initial UAE license has a cost ranging from around AED 15,000 to 30,000. This cost depends on many factors, and it depends on the business location as well as industry type.

Different aspects are added to the price calculation, including the equipment, renting, and visa approval. 

The renewal fee for a manufacturing license ranges between AED 8000 and AED 15,000. The fees require some additional documents that need to be attested for the renewal process.

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