Walmart Call Out Number: How to Report an Absence

Walmart Call Out Number

Ever wake up with a pounding headache or a fever and know you just can’t make it to work? We’ve all been there. When you work for a big company like Walmart, calling in sick can seem complicated. You may be worried about getting in trouble or letting your team down. Don’t stress – Walmart makes it easy to report an absence. All you need to do is call the Walmart Call Out Number, let them know you’re under the weather, and take the time you need to rest up. Your health comes first, and your managers will understand. Read on to learn exactly how the call out process works and get the number you need to dial. Before you know it, you’ll be back to 100% and restocking shelves or ringing up customers with a smile. But for now, grab your phone, a cozy blanket, and that TV remote – it’s time for a sick day.

Understanding Walmart’s Call Out Policy

To report an absence from your Walmart shift, you’ll need to call the store’s call out number. This number should be provided to you during orientation and can also be found on the store’s employee information board.

When you call, you’ll speak to a manager or member of the personnel team. Be prepared to provide your full name, WIN number (employee ID), and the reason for your absence. Walmart understands that emergencies and illnesses happen, but expects employees to notify them as soon as possible if you won’t be able to make it in.

Acceptable reasons for an absence include:

  1. Illness: Whether it’s the flu, a migraine, or another ailment, let them know you’re under the weather and won’t be able to come in. Provide as much detail as you comfortably can about your symptoms and expected recovery time.
  2. Family emergency: If there’s been an accident or health issue in your family that requires your attention, explain the situation to the manager. They may require a doctor’s note or other documentation upon your return.
  3. Transportation issues: Problems with your vehicle or public transit that prevent you from getting to your shift on time should be reported right away. Be prepared to provide details about the nature of the problem.

Repeated unexcused absences or failure to call in may result in disciplinary action, so be sure to follow Walmart’s attendance policy. But when emergencies arise, don’t hesitate to use the call out number to report your absence as soon as possible. Your managers will appreciate your responsibility and professionalism.

How to Use the Walmart Call Out Number

So you need to call out from your shift at Walmart. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty straightforward using the Walmart Call Out Number. Here are the steps:

1. Call 1-800-775-5944

This is Walmart’s associate call out line. Have your WIN number (found on your paystub) handy. You’ll enter it when prompted to report your absence.

2. Select the reason for your call out

Press 1 for illness/injury, 2 for emergency, or 3 for other reasons like transportation issues or childcare problems. Give a brief explanation of your situation. Be honest, but avoid too many details.

3. Provide your schedule details

Enter your store number (found on the back of your name badge), your job code (cashier, stocker, etc.), and the date(s) you need to call out. The system will confirm the shifts you’re missing. Say “yes” if correct.

4. Get your confirmation number

Write down the confirmation number you receive for your records. This verifies you properly reported your absence for the scheduled shift(s). Keep it in case of any issues.

Calling out is never convenient, but at least Walmart’s call out line makes the process quick and easy. Now you can focus on feeling better or handling your emergency. Your manager will take care of finding a replacement and adjusting the schedule. But be sure to call back for any additional missed shifts. Consistent communication is key.

Does that help explain the steps to use the Walmart Call Out Number? Let me know if you have any other questions!

What to Expect When You Call Out From Walmart

What to Expect When You Call Out From Walmart

When calling out from your shift at Walmart, there are a few things you can expect.

Speaking to an Automated System

First, you will have to navigate through an automated phone menu by pressing numbers on your keypad or speaking options aloud if calling from a mobile phone. This automated system handles a high volume of calls, so be patient and listen carefully to the options. You will need to select the option to report an absence or call out.

Providing Details About Your Absence

Once you are connected with the call out line, be prepared to provide specific details about your absence. This includes your full name, job title, department where you work, shift details including start and end times, and the reason you will be unable to make it to work. Your reason should be honest but concise, focusing on broad terms like illness, family emergency, or car trouble. There’s no need to go into personal details.

The person you speak with may have some follow up questions about the duration of your absence or if you expect to return for your next scheduled shift. Answer any questions to the best of your ability, but don’t feel obligated to disclose more details than you feel comfortable with. Your health and privacy are priorities.

Next Steps

Before ending the call, be sure to ask if any next steps are required on your part. Occasionally, a doctor’s note or other documentation may be requested for extended or frequent absences. Make a note of any deadlines for providing this information. Also, ask when you should next report your availability or schedule for your return to work. The standard policy is to call back after missing three days in a row.

Calling out from your job at Walmart should be a straightforward process. Provide the necessary details, answer any follow up questions honestly but concisely, and be sure to ask about next steps. With the proper communication, you can feel confident your absence will be handled appropriately. Focus on resting up so you can return to work recharged!

Consequences of Frequent Call Outs at Walmart

Consequences of Frequent Call Outs at Walmart

Frequent call outs can have serious consequences at Walmart. As an associate, it’s important to understand Walmart’s attendance policy and how unexcused absences can affect your job.

Points System

Walmart uses a point system to track associate attendance. Each unexcused absence equals one point. Once you reach a certain number of points within a rolling 6-month period, you’ll face disciplinary action:

  • 3 points: Verbal warning
  • 4 points: Written warning
  • 5 points: Final warning
  • 6 points: Termination of employment

The points system applies regardless of the reason for your absence or how long you’ve worked for the company. While emergencies do happen, multiple unexcused call outs in a short period of time will quickly add up points against you.

Lost Wages

Calling out means losing a day’s pay. For many Walmart associates living paycheck to paycheck, a single missed shift can mean financial hardship. Unexcused absences also make it difficult for managers to schedule properly, as they are often left short-staffed. This can negatively impact your coworkers as well.

Job Security

Associates with a pattern of frequent call outs are at risk of losing their job. While Walmart aims to work with associates regarding attendance issues, the company needs reliable, dependable staff. If you continue to call out after receiving verbal and written warnings, Walmart may determine that you are not a good fit and terminate your employment.

The bottom line is that calling out of work should only be done when truly necessary. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to miss a shift, be sure to contact your manager as far in advance as possible. Unexcused absences will only lead to trouble, so make every effort to show up when scheduled. Your job and financial security depend on it.

Tips for Using the Walmart Call in Number Responsibly

Tips for Using the Walmart Call in Number

When using the Walmart call in number, it’s important to do so responsibly. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Be honest

Tell the truth about why you need to miss your shift. Lying will only make the situation worse and damage your credibility. Your managers will appreciate your honesty.

Call as early as possible

Don’t wait until the last minute to report your absence. Call the Walmart call out number as soon as you know you won’t make it in. This gives your managers enough time to find a replacement for your role. The earlier the better.

Have details ready

When you call, be prepared to give specific details about your absence like the date(s) you’ll be out and what shifts you were scheduled for. Your manager may ask for a doctor’s note or other documentation. Have any necessary details on hand.

Request time off properly

If you know about an upcoming absence in advance, don’t just call the Walmart call out number. Follow the proper procedure to formally request time off. Calling out at the last minute should only be done in case of illness or emergencies.

Don’t abuse the policy

Only call out when truly necessary. Abusing the call out policy by frequently calling in sick when you’re not can lead to disciplinary action. Save call outs only for legitimate illnesses, injuries, emergencies, or important events.

Using the call in number responsibly by following these tips shows your managers that you’re a dependable employee. Be honest, give plenty of notice when possible, and only use call outs when really needed. Your coworkers and managers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


So now you know exactly how to report an absence to Walmart. Whether you’re sick or have an emergency, call the associate information line or log in to report your absence on Walmart One as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry. The last thing you want is confusion that could put your job in jeopardy.

Remember, your team relies on you, so do what you need to in order to feel 100% before heading back to work. Your health and safety should be top priority. Once you’ve called out properly, take the time you need to rest up. Your job will be waiting for you when you return, and your coworkers will appreciate you taking responsibility to avoid spreading germs.

When you do go back in, check the schedule to make sure there weren’t any changes. And if you have any remaining questions about Walmart’s attendance policy or call out procedures, don’t hesitate to ask your manager. They want what’s best for the whole team.


It's best to report your absence as soon as you become aware of it, preferably at least two hours before your shift.

You will need your WIN (Walmart Identification Number), the facility number, and your reason for being absent.

For extended leaves, you should contact your store management and HR department to discuss your situation.

Yes, if you have accrued PTO, you can use it to cover your absence and continue receiving pay.

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