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Watch Netflix Free On These Websites

We all know and love Netflix as one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, hosting countless amazing movies and TV shows. Over time, however, Netflix has become much more than just a streaming platform nowadays. They are also the producers of some of the most interesting movies and series out there, which naturally is great for anyone who has a Netflix account, but those who don’t feel increasingly excluded from pop culture.

So the big question is, is there a way to watch those Netflix produce TV shows and movies without having a Netflix account? And the answer is yes we can watch Netflix for free without having a Netflix account. 

Let’s discuss three great websites that I want to share with you. Where you can watch all of the great Netflix content without ever subscribing to Netflix. Of course, all of these websites are entirely free. You don’t even have to subscribe to any of them, so there’s really no reason for you to not use them. 


The very first one is called It is a great platform that offers honestly much more than just Netflix produce stuff, but they do have all the great content from Netflix as well. Now, even though they do have a bunch of different ways to filter their available content. Unfortunately, they don’t have a button where you can just choose Netflix, and then you get all the Netflix content available on this website so you can’t have to know in advance what you’re looking for.

All we would have to do to find the movie is type it into the search box and bowl up there you have it the quality of the uploaded movie of course is outstanding. So you really won’t notice any difference in watching it on Netflix, on your device. And the same goes for any TV show produced by Netflix. If you’re for example, interested in watching Money Heights again, all you have to do is type it into the search bar and you will be able to find all the episodes, including the most recent ones. So as you can tell is a fantastic website to use for purposes.

Unfortunately, though, they come with a bunch of ads pretty much. Whenever you click on something on this website, it will open an ad unless you use an ad blocker, which I highly recommend. But if you are someone who doesn’t have an ad blocker, get terribly annoyed by ads.


The next website that I want to recommend to you, this website is called It is yet another great website where you can find a bunch of different fantastic movies and TV shows to keep you entertained. But most importantly, here you will be able to find pretty much any movie or series that Netflix has ever produced.  

Once again you will have to use the search bar here in the top right corner. And it is important to notice that there is a little bit of a trick with this search bar. Somehow the search functionality on this website is not actually the best. So you have to be very careful how exactly you spell the title of the movie or TV show that you’re looking after. 

So, for example, if we’re looking for the Netflix miniseries The Queen Scambit, we have to be very careful how exactly we spell that. If we, for example, spell it without an apostrophe, we won’t be able to find the theory. And even stranger, if we try to spell it with an apostrophe. Apostrophe the search function actually won’t let us. So the somewhat simple solution to this problem is to simply search for a word in the title that doesn’t have any special characters. So if we search for Gambit alone, we will be able to find the show after all. But Besides the small issue, I really love the website.

Most importantly, because of it. Fewer ads than on the previous website. I think that makes it a great choice for any movie or theory is Lover out there. 


The website is number three on this list of websites that allows you to watch Netflix-produced content. This website is simply called This is a fantastic website that is as simple to use as possible. Obviously, this is for free you don’t need to register and you don’t even need a VPN. It is accessible pretty much anywhere in the world. 

Besides that, it has a massive amount of exciting content, including everything that Netflix has ever produced. So you will never run out of things to watch here. And you can see it here. I’ve been watching a couple of different TV shows produced by Netflix on this website. And I have to say that the quality was amazing. There was basically no buffering, and the ad interruptions were minimal. It really almost feels like you’re using Netflix itself because it has all the Netflix content in one place. The only thing that I noticed that can sometimes be a little bit of a downside is that the website is not always the quickest to update when new seasons come out on certain TV shows.

So if your favorite Netflix series launches a new season, it might be that it’s not available on this website the same day. But if you’re a little bit patient sooner or later it will be uploaded. And then you can watch the whole thing in one go. And if you’re not patient enough for that, I recommend that you’d check out one of the other two websites that I mentioned previously, and maybe you get lucky there. 


All in all, Netflix has done an amazing job over the last couple of years, creating its own original content. And I personally am happy to see that this content becomes available more and more through third-party platforms, like the ones I mentioned above.

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