Why Should You Encourage Freshers to Take Executive Training

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Encourage Freshers to Take Executive Training

One of the biggest epidemics the currency corporate sphere is dealing with is “fresher experience.” Every hiring agency and HR is looking for freshers with a certain level of experience. Unless the degree is forged from the depth of academic difficulty, simply having a bachelor’s or master’s degree wouldn’t suffice.

If a company takes the chance to hire an employee with less eligibility and just a degree, it is indeed a risk. Because competition is high and the unemployment rate is high. However, that doesn’t mean you as a company should give up on your freshest fresher hire due to lack of experience.

Plus, many have started providing executive coaching not just to the senior members next in line to the leaders but also to the freshers. The reason is to help them prepare for the hardships of the corporate world and impart the ability to make decisions on their own.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing a few of the other reasons why everyone should be hiring executive coaches to train freshers with less to no experience.

What Is Executive Coaching?

We have all heard about leadership training. However, executive coaching takes leadership training to a vast array of training which helps executive workmanship. This helps build resilience in front of corporate stress, become a better leader and trainer for one’s subordinates, and help enhance your reputation through emotional understanding and professional pragmatism.

Therefore, it’s overall training for someone who plans to get higher up on the success ladder while holding their integrity. This is why executive training is not just for seniors, and here is why.

1. Provide Them The Skillset

The reason why many job hirers are looking for experience is the skill set that comes alongside. These are not the bookish knowledge one gathers from academic life but real-life business training. Working under tight deadlines and managing time, execute critical thinking in the face of a difficult situation.

However, you do not have to worry about these skill sets lacking from your fresher. Executive coaching opens a window to help them understand the business better. Through real-life experiences, a company can hone these skills for their less-experienced employee.

2. Networking Opportunities

Most freshers joining your company are essentially joining their first job. Which means they haven’t received a chance to socialize at a corporate level. Neither have they been presented with the opportunity to network with the current employee.

Therefore, meeting during executive coaching will provide them the chance to socialize and connect. Introverts with much content in their shell will also get the chance to talk in a safe place without the fear of judgment. Plus, they will learn to communicate professionally and exert training in that space itself.

3. Build Confidence

First jobs and lack of experience can take a toll on their confidence. Now add constant comments about their lack of experience in the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. This executive coaching can help build their confidence in two major ways:

This is one of the reasons why executive coaching is mandatory for their confidence. Once they learn formulas to navigate through business situations from a professional, their confidence will return. Alongside a new motivation which helps improve their performance.

4. Better Retention

Often freshers with no experience have a gift to do well in the business. If this is one of the reasons why you have hired a few individuals, you certainly wouldn’t want to lose the talent. This is why you should help them find their potential.

This executive training is a great way to help them understand where their true capabilities lie. The fact that they are getting the opportunity from you, and free of cost, will also help build loyalty towards the company.

This will guarantee that once they are well trained, it is your company they will utilize the skill towards.

How To Find A Good Executive Training Coach For Fresher

To find a quality executive training coach for a fresher, seek recommendations from professionals, review coach profiles and testimonials online, and assess their credentials, experience, and specialization in areas relevant to the fresher’s goals. 

Look for effective communication skills, a personalized approach, and a proven track record of guiding early-career individuals. A good coach should offer a structured program, tailored guidance, and a positive rapport. Conduct interviews or initial consultations to gauge compatibility and ensure the coach aligns with the fresher’s aspirations.

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