Fortnite Season Start and End Dates: The Complete Guide

Fortnite Season Start and End Dates

Hey there, Fortnite fan! Are you trying to figure out when each new Fortnite season start and end dates so you know how much time is left to complete challenges and unlock battle pass rewards?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the start and end dates for all Fortnite seasons so far, from the very first season back on July 21, 2017.

Just bookmark this page and check back whenever a new season is about to launch to see the exact start date and how long you have to play before the next season begins. No more guessing when a season might end or worrying you might miss out on a reward because you didn’t have time to finish some challenges.

With this guide, you’ll have all the key dates in one place. Let’s dive in and go over the details for each Fortnite season!

An Overview of Fortnite Season Start and End Dates

Fortnite seasons give the game a way to regularly release new content and keep things fresh. Each season typically lasts around 2-3 months and introduces changes to the map, new gameplay elements, skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items.

SeasonStart DateEnd DateLengthSeason No.
OneOct 25 2017Dec 13 201750 days1
TwoDec 14 2017Feb 21 201870 days2
ThreeFeb 22 2018April 20 201858 days3
FourMay 1 2018July 12 201873 days4
FiveJuly 12 2018Sept 27 201878 days5
SixSept 27 2018Dec 6 201871 days6
SevenDec 6 2018Feb 28 201984 days7
EightFeb 28 2019May 9 201970 days8
NineMay 9 2019Aug 1 201984 days9
Season XAug 1 2019Oct 13 201973 days10
Chapter 2 Season OneOct 15 2019Feb 20 2020128 days11
Chapter 2 Season TwoFeb 20 2020June 17 2020119 days12
Chapter 2 Season ThreeJune 17 2020Aug 27 202071 days13
Chapter 2 Season FourAug 27 2020Dec 1 202095 days14
Chapter 2 Season FiveDec 2 2020Mar 15 2021103 days15
Chapter 2 Season SixMar 16 2021June 8 202185 days16
Chapter 2 Season SevenJune 8 2021Sept 12 202197 days17
Chapter 2 Season EightSept 13 2021Dec 4 202183 days18
Chapter 3 Season 1Dec 5 2021Mar 19 2021105 days19
Chapter 3 Season 2Mar 20 2022June 3 202276 days20
Chapter 3 Season 3June 4 2022Sept 17 2022105 days21
Chapter 3 Season 4Sept 18 2022Dec 3 202276 days22
Chapter 4 Season 1Dec 3 2022March 10 202397 days23
Chapter 4 Season 2March 10 2023June 8 202390 days24
Chapter 4 Season 3June 8 2023August 25 202376 days25
Chapter 4 Season 4August 25 2023November 3rd71 Days26
Fortnite OG (Chapter 5 Season 5November 3 2023December 2 202329 Days27
Chapter 5 Season 1December 3 2023March 8 202499 Days28
Fortnite Season Start and End Dates

Fortnite Chapter 5: A Paradigm Shift

Welcome to the brave new world of Fortnite Chapter 5! This chapter has taken the Fortnite experience to unprecedented heights. In the Battle Royale realm, we’re not just dealing with a new map; we’ve witnessed game-changing modifications like weapon mods and even a complete overhaul of player movement.

And let’s not forget the brief yet impactful Fortnite movement changes that were swiftly reversed – a testament to the dynamic nature of this gaming universe.

Fortnite Chapter 5: A Paradigm Shift

But the transformations in Chapter 5 extend far beyond Battle Royale. Fortnite has expanded its horizons with the introduction of three new games this season.

There’s a Lego mode, reminiscent of Minecraft, a rhythm game named Fortnite Festival, and a thrilling racing mode called Rocket Racing. These additions not only diversify the gameplay but also mark a significant departure from Fortnite’s roots as a mere Battle Royale game.

It has transcended its initial boundaries, and Chapter 5 hints at even more growth on the horizon.

Fortnite Seasons and Chapters: Gameplay Transformations

Fortnite seasons and chapters act as dividing lines, ushering in new eras of the game. Each season brings substantial changes, from map alterations to weapon adjustments, all the way to the introduction of a fresh Battle Pass. However, these transformations are not always permanent.

Take Chapter 2 Season 6, for instance, where crafting mechanics were abruptly implemented, only to be discarded in favor of an alien-themed season in the blink of an eye.

Yet, some changes do persist, shaping the game’s trajectory. Mechanisms like parkour, sprinting, and the recent introduction of Zero Build modes in Chapter 3 Season 2 have left a lasting impact. Chapter 4 introduced Augments, Fortnite’s response to perks, which, despite a brief absence in Chapter 5’s early weeks, are making a comeback.

Fortnite has evolved into a multifaceted platform, hosting various modes beyond Battle Royale. This shift is reflected in the game’s new tagline: find it in Fortnite.

Map Changes: Reshaping the Fortnite World

Changing seasons and chapters provide Epic Games with an opportunity to revolutionize the in-game map continually. With players consistently dropping onto the same island, these changes offer much-needed variety. Each chapter not only introduces a new map but also brings fresh elements to the game.

Map Changes: Reshaping the Fortnite World

Items like shopping carts and quad crashers may not have been a staple in every season, but they paved the way for diverse additions like Ballers, Choppas, Boats, cars, and even tanks. While not every innovation remains, they have undoubtedly influenced how Epic shapes the game’s loot pool, providing a dynamic and ever-changing experience.

As we look back at the length of Fortnite seasons and chapters, it’s evident that the game has undergone a gradual transformation, distancing itself from its humble beginnings.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Map: Winterfest and Beyond

The Chapter 5 map opens a new chapter, pun intended, with its early Winterfest period. Players can expect a snowy landscape initially, but Epic Games promises more biomes to come, including a desert. This dynamic approach to map evolution keeps players on their toes, ensuring that each landing is a fresh experience.

The visuals in Chapter 5 are a far cry from Fortnite’s initial release. The art style has evolved significantly, showcasing Epic Games’ commitment to refining the game’s aesthetics.

As we navigate through Winterfest and witness the gradual melting of snow, anticipation builds for the introduction of diverse biomes, injecting a new layer of excitement into the game.

What Are Fortnite Seasons?

Fortnite seasons act as pivotal moments in the game’s ongoing narrative. Beyond the routine updates, they bring massive map changes, weapon adjustments, esports events, and the highly anticipated Battle Pass. Each season introduces a wave of new content, breathing life into the game and keeping players engaged.

In recent times, seasons have adopted consistent themes, often accompanied by lore. Subtitles like ‘Primal’ in Chapter 2 Season 6 add depth to the overall experience.

The transition between seasons is not just a routine update; it’s an event that sparks conversations and shapes the evolving identity of Fortnite.

Current Fortnite Season: Chapter 5 Season 1

As of now, we find ourselves amid Chapter 5 Season 1. Following the eight-season layout of Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and 4 surprised us with shorter spans of four seasons each. However, Chapter 5 might break this trend, potentially offering players a more extended stay on its captivating map.

The positive reception of the Chapter 5 map suggests that Epic Games has struck a chord with the Fortnite community.

Leaks hint at Epic testing up to Season 3 of Chapter 5, possibly indicating a departure from the recent four-season trend. Only time will tell if this chapter will be a defining era in Fortnite’s history.

How Long Is a Fortnite Season?

Fortnite seasons vary widely in length, with an average duration of 75 days, excluding the month-long OG event. The game’s evolution from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 has seen fluctuations in season lengths. Chapter 1 averaged 72 days, Chapter 2 increased to 97 days, Chapter 3 settled at 90.5 days, and Chapter 4 maintained an average of 83.5 days.

How Long Is a Fortnite Season?

The OG mini-season, although a noteworthy event, is excluded from the average calculations due to its unique nature. The current Chapter 5 Season 1 is set to run for 99 days, concluding on March 8, 2024. This places it among the landmark seasons in terms of duration.

Fortnite Season Length Records

Let’s dive into the records of Fortnite season lengths, showcasing both the shortest and longest durations in the game’s vibrant history.

  • The shortest season accolade goes to Fortnite OG (Chapter 5 Season 5), lasting a mere 29 days. This blink-and-you-miss-it season left a memorable impact, proving that brevity can be just as impactful as longevity.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the honor of the longest Fortnite season goes to Chapter 2 Season 1, which endured for a whopping 128 days. This marathon season provided players with an extensive canvas for their Fortnite adventures, setting a benchmark for endurance.

Chapter 3 Season 1 and Chapter 5 Season 1 also defy the average, with longer-than-usual durations. Despite the ebb and flow in season lengths, Fortnite’s commitment to delivering diverse and engaging content remains unwavering.


As we traverse the Fortnite timeline from its modest beginnings in Season 1 to the complexity of Chapter 5, the game’s evolution stands as a testament to Epic Games’ commitment to innovation.

The perpetual changes in seasons and chapters keep Fortnite at the forefront of the gaming world, offering players an immersive experience that goes beyond the Battle Royale format.

The diversity in season lengths, the introduction of new mechanics, and the transformation of Fortnite into a multifaceted platform showcase the game’s adaptability and continuous strive for improvement. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the Fortnite journey is a dynamic adventure that promises surprises at every turn.

So, buckle up, drop into the island, and brace yourself for the exciting chapters yet to unfold in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite!

Fortnite Season Start and End Dates FAQs


Q1: When Does the New Fortnite Season Start?

A: The new Fortnite season is scheduled to start on March 8, 2024. However, keep an eye out for updates, as season start dates can be subject to change based on content readiness.

Q2: When Does the Fortnite Season End?

A: Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is set to conclude on March 8, 2024. Be aware that season endings may extend if new content isn’t prepared or experiences delays.

Q3: How Long Has Fortnite Been Out?

A: Fortnite’s initial release date was July 21, 2017. The Battle Royale aspect was added later in the year, hitting early access on September 26, 2017. The game underwent a pre-season stage before the structured Fortnite Season system kicked in.

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