Style & Function: Your Guide to Smart Cycling Clothing Choices

Riding Clothes

Style & Function: Your Guide to Smart Cycling Clothing Choices

When you first start riding a bike, you might wonder what to wear. The right clothes for riding can make your ride better by making it more enjoyable and comfortable. Choosing the right riding clothes for your needs is very important. 

This blog will walk you through what you should think about when choosing cycling clothing and apparel for your bike and help you match your clothes to the weather and how you like to ride.

Remember that riding clothes are more than just a jersey and shorts!

Cycling Gloves

You need to wear the right bicycle gloves for a comfortable bike ride. The gloves for riding a bike should fit snugly. It’s soft and strong to make gloves. The bike gloves have non-slip palms that protect your hands and make them more comfortable.

Bicycle gloves must give you a good grip. The padding on the tops of the hands might be the most important thing about bike gloves, though. 

Cycling Gloves

If you don’t have good bike gloves, you might get blisters and pressure spots on your hands after a short time on the bike. You might also want to think about getting a pair of gloves that are shiny or have bright colors.

This will help cars see you better at night or when there isn’t much light. Other features, such as using a tablet or gel inserts, can also be helpful. Look through our bike gloves to find out more.

Arm and Leg Warmers

Warm arm and leg sleeves can be very useful when riding when it’s cool outside! Arm sleeves and leg warmers for bikes come in a normal lycra fabric, a compression fabric, and a thermal lycra fabric lined with fleece to keep you warmer. Why are arm and leg warmers useful? Because you can take them off when you get too hot.

Arm warmers are long sleeves that go from your hand to the sleeve of your jersey. They keep your arms warmer and safer. The leg socks go from the thigh to the ankle.

You can wear leg warmers over your bike shoes because they have zippers with bright covers. Don’t forget that bike arm sleeves and leg warmers protect you from the sun with SPF 50+.

Cycling Shorts

For a comfortable bike ride, you need to wear the right shorts. To begin, the pad or chamois in bicycle shorts gives your seat a soft resting place and keeps you from getting sore.

Cycling Shorts

Most bike riders agree that a good pair of bike shorts with a good chamois is the most important riding gear. Cycling shorts are made of cotton, lycra, and spandex, which make them breathable and give them a tight fit. 

Tight compression or road cycling shorts also keep you from chafing because they keep the cloth from moving against your skin. New styles of cycle shorts have a pocket that fits snugly and is great for keeping your cell phone inside.

Jersey for Cycling

If you want to stay cool and dry while you ride, a cycling jersey will pull sweat and moisture away from your body. Jerseys for bikes are made of materials that wick away moisture, so they dry fast and keep you cool, dry, and comfortable on long rides.

It’s important to get the right size cycle jersey. Jerseys come in sizes up to 5XL so that big and tall riders can get what they need.

Cycling shirts have three pockets on the back and a zipper that goes down the front. You can store things like riding clothes, snacks, water, or bike tire tubes and pumps in the back pockets.

Cycling Jacket

No matter how skilled cyclists are, they must have a cycling jacket. Bike coats are made to keep you warm and dry in bad weather. Some biking jackets have a waterproof fabric or shell that keeps you dry in the rain. Some cycle jackets, like the Vis Soft Shell, are lined with thermal fabric or fleece to keep you warm while you ride. 

You can wear these jackets in wind and water, and they’re also easy to take off and put away in a shirt pocket or bike pouch when you’re not using them. There are a lot of bike jackets and other clothing in many sizes and styles, so, surely, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Adapt Your Cycling Gear for Ultimate Enjoyment

Cycling gear changes as technology and tastes do. You need to keep exploring and adapting your gear to meet new needs. Trying new tools and materials makes cycling more fun as people’s tastes change.

Finally, choosing cycling clothes combines purpose, comfort, and personal taste. Having the right gear makes you more efficient, keeps you safe, and makes riding fun.

Gear that can be changed to meet new needs makes riding better overall.

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