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The Best Adblocker For Chrome

Social media has more and more ads in the present day. How do you like the unskippable ads for 15 seconds? Anyway, today I’m going to show you the four best adblocker for Chrome.

1 – AdGuard

AdGuard for Chrome is a free add-on for your browser, used by more than 10 million users worldwide. This add done is easy to use immediately after installation. It perfectly removes ads from all sides, including YouTube and Facebook, like Meta Products and others, thereby increasing the speed of the page. And by simple manipulations after setting, it blocks various trackers blocks assets to potentially dangerous and malicious sites and also allows you to block various elements on websites. A seemingly simple adblocker has advanced settings, which allow you to finetune it to your needs, including protection from malicious sites, additional filter rules, and even connecting custom filters if needed. This entrance will be a big advantage for some very demanding users. As with other adblockers, there is a white list where you can add sites to exclude filtering and ad blocking. After the final configuration of the add-on, you can save and import your settings and use the Save Config configuration file for the exporter and other devices or browser profiles which in turn will save you a lot of time to repeat the configuration for you or your friends or family. 

Using that guard for Chrome, you can see the statistics of usage which show the number of ads blocked. We can look at the statistics for the past day, week, month, and even year. It is also worth mentioning that Ad God allows you to block trackers and ads not only in Chrome but also in other applications on your Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, the application has parental control. Which will protect children from the information they should not get acquainted with due to age restrictions. 

It is worth noting that the developers require $2.5 per month for three devices and $5.49 per month for nine devices. A lifetime license can be purchased for $80 or $170. The browser add-on is completely free and does not require any additional fees to be fully functional. We can summarize that AdGuard provides an excellent set of tools to block Ads and Trackers and Chrome browsers. It also provides functionality that allows you to configure it in a flexible way to suit your needs using custom filters and other features absolutely free of charge. And the interface of the application is so friendly that any user will be able to find the necessary function and deal with it. 

2 – Ghostery

Ghostery is not only an adblocker but also a multifunctional Privacy oriented tool. If you Google some reviews about it, most of them are going to be focused on ghost visibility to block tracks. Of course, this is very fine and useful, but probably not the reason why you’re reading this video. So I’m not going to waste your time reviewing the Privacy protection aspects of this, tool. But it would be unfair if I didn’t mention it because a 2-in-1 tool always feels very good. Another nice extra feature is the Loading speed optimization with the so-called Smart Browsing option. 

Let’s focus on the ad-blocking module. Ghostery worked out fine, even though it’s the free version. And yeah, it also has a plus version for $5 monthly or $4 per month if you pay annually, it offers you advanced Privacy protection quality, customizable browsing options, state-of-the-art web statistics, real-time statistics, and performance for every page. Reporting and alerting ad-free private search engine. So let’s just consider going through a free ad block, I don’t like the design of Ghostery has the biggest window and probably the ugliest design. Its’ design is like from this straight late 2000s. The interface is not good as well. 

Let’s be less negative and take a look at the functionality. You can add the side to the whitelist and remove it from there. You can turn on the antitracking by blocking its smart browsing options. Just keep them on and forget them. You can see the analytics of what is blocked, but I really doubt you’ll find something interesting here in the end if you ask me those three are the ones I like the least from the list. If you are not into this antitracking thing. There’s no need to choose it over the most simple and efficient classic ad block. And if you are one of those Privacy guys, I’m sure you already have a better tool, but maybe that’s just subjective. 

3 – AdBlock Plus

Let’s move on next of course, what an adblocker list can be without the legendary Ad Block, which is the father of all other software. But we’ll review not the original Ad Block, but the enhanced Ad Block Plus version simply because it blocks more ads. Anyway, AdBlock is that type of classic old but still worthy tool developed more than 20 years ago. It still does the trick pretty well. 

The functionality, of course, isn’t even nearly as rich as your blocks, for example, and at some websites blocked the least number of ads are among all the tools. However, I tried to look at some websites with only ABP turned on and I haven’t noticed any difference between the number of ads I see compared to Ublock, which reports the most blocked ads, I’m pretty sure numbers don’t matter too much. Here is what I like about it the most. Hit the option of blocking those annoying cookie warnings because I simply don’t care about the website using cookies and those notifications popping up. I hate them more than any ads in the world. Another cool option is blocking social media icons and tracking the social media icons and websites that use them. Allow social media networks to build a profile of you based on your browsing habits even when you don’t click on them. Hiding these icons can protect your profile. Also, by default the show acceptable ads option is stuck. This means that non-annoying ads will be shown even with the ad block is on. Of course, you can untick it. That’s all up to you, but in my opinion, it would be not right. You see, the entrance is growing and developing and improving our lives for the last decades only thanks to S, which provides. The developers with the reward they deserve.

So please don’t unpick it. Let it be a reward. Those who are not trying to manually monetize their product be smart at this moment, it’s important to note that Adloc is completely free after installing it as used to donate some money, but it’s all up to you. But again, it would be quite nice if you donate at least a few dollars for making the Internet a little bit better place. However, adBlocks’ popularity plays a trick. Numerous websites have learned the detect ad-block and now they’re forcing you to turn it off to continue using. This is probably the biggest problem of this AdBlock. Also, I have to mention the big amount of frame consumption. Still, this is a legendary classic, beloved by millions of users, even after all these years. 

4 – uBlock Origin

 Our next is uBlock Origin I’d like to give a little spoil here. This adblocker got the best results in web traffic saving tests and page load speed tests while consuming only about 55-megabyte frames. So let’s explore the functionality and features of ublock origins. After installing, the Add-on has a default setting for comfortable work that does not require any additional manipulation, at least in my case. The increased page Loading speed with uBlock Origin is noticeable even from the box and no ads. The settings here are mostly only for advanced users who must first familiarize themselves with advanced user features. Otherwise,  uBlock Origin warns of less security. 

The main Settings tab allows you to make some general settings for uBlock Origin. To advance user activation is available, some privacy settings and the ability to import and export settings. The main benefit of the settings would be the list of filters available to use it. So in addition to the built-in filters, you can apply filters that AdGuard and other ad and tracker locking services use, as well as various regional filters, and the ability to connect custom ones. After all, it’s completely free, and the authors of this blocker are actively supporting it for the entire time in a completely disinterested way. Given everything and even that this plugin is completely free, we can nominate it as the Best AdBlock extension for the Chrome browser.


In conclusion, I can only say that each one is good and deserves your attention. Of course, there is no doubt that uBlock Origin is the most effective, but not everyone is ready to customize it, but I promise you it’s worth it. For those who prefer no brain option. The best option is adGuard probably, but it’s not free. If it’s also a problem for you, we have Ghostery and AdBlock left.

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