The Best Lumberloon Deck: How to Crush With This Classic Combo

Best Lumberloon Deck of clash royale

You know you’ve been dying to unleash the Lumberloon combo and start crushing opponents. This classic Clash Royale deck has been dominating the meta for years, and for good reason. The Lumberjack and Balloon pairing is a force to be reckoned with.

When that speedy redhead goes down, the Balloon gets a rage boost and destroys towers before your opponent even knows what hit them. We’re going to show you how to build the best Lumberloon deck, how to play it to perfection, and all the little tricks the pros use to win with this deck every time.

Get ready to shock and awe as your Balloons zoom across the arena and your Lumberjacks cause chaos. The Lumberloon combo is all about timing, synergy and making your opponents seriously rage quit.

If you like fast, aggressive decks that can take a tower in the blink of an eye, this deck is for you. The Lumberloon dream team is here to make all your CR dreams come true!

What Is the Lumberloon Deck?

The Lumberloon deck is a classic Clash Royale combo that can deal massive damage. It combines the Lumberjack and the Balloon for a deadly one-two punch.

How It Works

The key is to play the Lumberjack first. Once the Lumberjack crosses the bridge, it will drop a rage spell upon death, boosting the speed and damage of nearby troops – like your Balloon. The enraged Balloon will zoom straight for the tower, dropping bombs at lightning speed.

  1. Play the Lumberjack at the back to build up elixir. Let it walk up and tank for your Balloon.
  2. Once the Lumberjack crosses the bridge, quickly play your Balloon right behind it. The Balloon will get raged up and demolish the tower before your opponent has time to react.
  3. Use zaps or arrows to clear out any minions or bats your opponent tries to play. The last thing you want is those pesky fliers attacking your Balloon.
  4. Have a tank like Giant, Golem, or Hog Rider in your deck to play first. This will force your opponent to defend, allowing you to build up an elixir for your Lumberloon push.

This combo works best in beatdown decks with a heavy tank and splash support troops. The key is not to play the Lumberloon at the start of the match. Be patient and build up an elixir advantage first.

If you catch your opponent off guard with a surprise Lumberloon, there’s a good chance it’s game over! With some practice, you’ll be crushing towers in no time with this classic pairing.

Building the Best Lumberloon Deck

  1. Lumberjack: The Aggressive Opener The Lumberjack initiates the assault with its high-speed charge, making it an excellent opener. Upon defeat, it drops a Rage spell, enhancing the attack speed of nearby troops and their efficiency in overpowering defenses.
  2. Balloon: The Aerial Annihilator The Balloon, a high-damage air unit, targets buildings with pinpoint accuracy. Supported by the Lumberjack’s Rage spell, it swiftly eliminates towers and structures, leaving opponents struggling to counter.
  3. Arrows: Clearing the Skies Arrows offer a quick solution to swarms of air and ground troops, allowing your Lumberloon combo to advance without hindrance. This spell can effectively clear enemy Minion Horde, Minions, and other pesky units.
  4. Wizard: Versatile Area Damage The Wizard provides consistent area damage, obliterating enemy hordes and ensuring that your Lumberloon push faces minimal resistance. Its versatility makes it an asset both defensively and offensively.
  5. Golem: Unleashing the Tank The Golem serves as a substantial tank that can absorb damage and create a strong frontline for your assault. When paired with the Lumberjack and Balloon, it enhances the deck’s overall power.
  6. Skeleton Army: Countering Ground Offensives Skeleton Army thwarts ground-based threats, diverting and annihilating enemy troops that attempt to disrupt your Lumberloon combo. It offers a powerful defense against tanks and melee attackers.
  7. Goblin Barrel: Sneaky Spellbait The Goblin Barrel acts as a spellbait card, forcing opponents to use their spells defensively. Deploy it strategically to distract and bait out your opponent’s counters for the Balloon.
  8. Rocket: Dealing Heavy Damage The Rocket serves as your heavy-hitting spell, capable of wiping out enemy defenses and swarms with high damage output. Use it to eliminate threats that could hinder your Lumberloon assault.

Why the Lumberloon Combo Dominates

The lumberloon combo is a Clash Royale classic for a reason. This deadly duo dominates because:

  1. The Lumberjack rages into battle, chopping down anything in its path with that massive ax. Once defeated, it drops a bottle of Rage, boosting the Balloon’s already formidable damage.
  2. The Balloon floats over opponents, dropping powerful bombs that decimate towers. Paired with the Lumberjack’s Rage, those bombs do major damage at lightning speed.
  3. They’re an easy combo to execute. Just place the Lumberjack in front to tank, then deploy the Balloon right behind. The Lumberjack will clear the way and power up the Balloon once defeated. It’s a simple 1-2 punch your opponents won’t see coming.
  4. They cover each other’s weaknesses. The Lumberjack struggles against air troops but excels against ground units, while the Balloon devastates ground units but needs air protection. Together, they balance each other out.
  5. They’re available early and scale well. You can start using this combo as soon as you unlock the Lumberjack and Balloon, and they remain viable even at the highest levels of play.

With the unstoppable might of the Lumberjack paving the way and powering up the high-damage Balloon, this combo is sure to crush your opponents and lead you to victory. Now get out there and make some mayhem! Time for some lumberloon domination.

Optimal Card Composition for Your Lumberloon Deck

To build an effective Lumberloon deck, you need to choose the right combination of cards. Here are some recommendations for the optimal card composition:

Win Conditions

Obviously, your primary win conditions are the Lumberjack and Balloon. Run at least 2 of each, up to 3 Lumberjacks and 4 Balloons. The Lumberjack will rage down any ground troops trying to defend against your Balloons.


You’ll want to include Rage, Freeze, and Arrows. Rage will boost your Lumberjacks and Balloons for maximum damage. Freeze stops Inferno Towers and other air defenses in their tracks. And Arrows will wipe out any pesky Minion Hordes. 2-3 of each spell is good.

Air Defense

Arrows are cheap air defenses, clearing the path for your Lumberjacks and Balloons from 3-6 Minions and 6-9 Bats.

Ground Defense

For ground defense, good options include:

  • Knight – A cheap mini-tank to distract ground troops.
  • Valkyrie – Her spin attack can wipe out swarms.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A – Shreds through tanks and glass cannons.

Run 1 or 2 of the above, but not all 3 since you want to keep your average elixir cost down.

Other Support


  • Skeletons – Cheap distraction for 1 elixir.
  • Ice Golem – Also cheap at 2 Elixir, freezes on death.
  • Zap – Stuns and resets, useful vs. Inferno Towers.
  • Rocket – Extra spell damage.

An optimal Lumberloon deck will have an average elixir cost of 3.5-4.0 for the right balance of offense and defense. Follow these tips and you’ll be crushing opponents in no time!

Advanced Lumberloon Placement and Timing Tips

Once you’ve mastered the basics of playing Lumberloon, it’s time to level up your skills. Here are some advanced tips for optimal placement and timing of your Lumberjack and Balloon combo.

Deploy Behind the King Tower

Dropping your Lumberjack and Balloon behind your King tower, rather than at the bridge, has some advantages. It allows your elixir to build back up, and gives your opponent less time to react and deploy counters.

Your troops will stay out of range of the arena towers for longer, building up rage and getting in more balloon drops before they cross the bridge.

Pair With a Tank

Pairing your Lumberloon combo with a tank like Giant, Golem or PEKKA will make it much harder for your opponent to stop. The tank will soak up damage while the Lumberjack rages the balloon.

Even if your opponent uses splash damage to take out the Lumberjack, the balloon will already be raged up and the tank will continue to shield it.

Deploy When Opponent is Low on Elixir

The best time to drop Lumberloon is right after your opponent spends a lot of elixir, leaving them with little to defend your push.

If they just used a Golem, Pekka or Mega Knight, they likely won’t have enough elixir left for reliable air counters like Minion Horde or Inferno Dragon. Strike fast before they have time to build back up!

Rage in the Center

An advanced technique is to drop your Lumberjack right in the center of the arena, rather than pairing with balloon on one side. This will allow its rage effect to boost your balloon no matter which lane it goes down.

Your opponent will have to defend both lanes, and likely won’t have enough elixir to stop the raged balloon before it gets massive damage. Using this central rage strategy at the right moment can win you the match!

With practice, you’ll be dominating matches in no time with these pro Lumberloon tips. Keep experimenting, try different combos and most of all, have fun crushing towers with this classic Clash Royale combo!

Matchup Guide: Countering Popular Decks With Lumberloon

When facing popular deck archetypes with your Lumberloon combo, you’ll want to make strategic offensive plays to gain an elixir advantage. Here are some tips for countering the most common opponents:

Hog Cycle

Hog Cycle decks focus on quickly cycling Hog Riders for chip damage. To counter, apply pressure in the opposite lane to force them to defend. Drop your Lumberjack at the bridge to threaten their tower and make them spend elixir. Once their Hog crosses the bridge, drop your Balloon behind for a deadly counterpush. Save your Tornado to activate your King Tower with their Hog for an even bigger elixir gain.

Golem Beatdown

Against Golem, constantly pressure the opposite lane to force them to defend, limiting their elixir for a Golem push. When their Golem is dropped, rush the other lane with Lumberloon to take a tower or deal major damage. Your Inferno Dragon will melt their Golem and support troops. Use Tornado to pull their Night Witch and support away from your tower and Inferno Dragon.

Pekka Bridge Spam

Bridge Spam decks rely on constant pressure. Defend their initial Bandit/Ram Rider with minimal elixir, then drop your Lumberjack and Balloon for a deadly counterattack before they can build another push. Use your Inferno Dragon to distract and melt their Pekka. Tornado their Battle Ram and Bandit away from your towers and Inferno Dragon. Cycle fast to get back to your Lumberloon combo and take a tower.

Log Bait

Against Log Bait, save your Log for their Goblin Barrel and Arrows/Fireball for their Princess. Rush the lane opposite their Goblin Gang/Inferno Tower with Lumberloon. They’ll struggle to defend without their small spells and swarm troops. Your Lumberjack will also shred their Inferno Tower, allowing your Balloon to connect. Play smart defense and gain an elixir lead, then overpower them with your Lumberloon counter pushes.


So there you have it, the classic Lumberloon deck that’s been crushing ladders and challenges for years. With the right balance of lumberjacks, balloons, and spells you’ll be taking towers and racking up wins in no time.

Give this deck a shot and see the power of the Lumberloon combo. Once you get the timing and placement down, your opponents won’t know what hit them.

Now get out there, drop that Lumberjack, send in the Balloon, and make it rain! This deck has stood the test of time for good reason. Unleash the Lumberloon!

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