The Complete Twitch Leak Payout List: Revealing The Top Earners On Twitch

twitch leak payout list

Ever wondered how much your favorite Twitch streamers make? A massive Twitch leak has spilled the beans, revealing the top earners and shaking up the streaming world. Our deep dive into this juicy Twitch leak payout list offers a peek at who’s cashing in big on their gaming skills and personality.

Keep reading to uncover who’s leading the pack!

What are Twitch Payouts?

Twitch payouts are the earnings that streamers receive from the platform, typically based on their viewership and subscriptions. These payouts work by Twitch sharing a percentage of subscription fees with the streamer, as well as offering additional revenue through ads and donations.


Twitch payouts are the money that streamers earn from their channels. This cash comes from subs, bits, and ads shown during their streams. The payments do not include money from sponsorships or direct gifts from viewers.

What are Twitch Payouts?

How these payouts work is pretty straightforward. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to support their favorite streamers. Viewers can also give bits, which are like tips for cool moments in streams.

Plus, Twitch places ads into videos that rack up extra dollars for the players. These earnings all add up to make what we call Twitch payout totals.

How they work

Understanding Twitch payouts means looking at how streamers get their money. Streamers earn cash from subscriptions, cheers with bits, and ad revenue. People subscribe to channels for a monthly fee, give tips in the form of bits, or sit through ads during streams for all this to happen.

Payouts don’t include money from sponsorships or direct gifts from viewers. This keeps things simple but doesn’t show all the ways streamers can make money. Recently, there’s been talk about changing how much Twitch pays from subs and pushing streamers to run more ads.

This could affect future earnings quite a bit.

Top Earners on Twitch

Some of the top earners on Twitch include CriticalRole, xQcOW, summit1g, Tfue, and NICKMERCS. These streamers have made a significant income through their streaming careers on Twitch.


CriticalRole is a group of voice actors who play Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch. They earned more money than anyone else from August 2019 to October 2021. Fans love watching their stories unfold live online, which helped them make $9,626,712.16.

Their success shows how people enjoy watching games like Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch. Now let’s talk about another top earner on the platform: xQcOW.


Moving on to the next top earner on Twitch, xQcOW has earned a whopping $8,454,427.17 from August 2019 to October 2021. This makes him one of the highest-earning streamers according to the leaked data.

The leak offers a glimpse into the substantial amount that xQcOW can anticipate earning solely from his streams.

The leaked Twitch payout list reveals fascinating insights into the earnings of prominent streamers like xQcOW and provides transparency about their income from streaming activities alone.


summit1g, a prominent Twitch streamer, has raked in an impressive $5,847,541.17 from August 2019 to October 2021 through his streaming endeavors. However, due to lucrative contracts with YouTube, summit1g has made the switch from Twitch to expand its revenue streams.

This move comes at an opportune time as there are talks within Twitch about reducing the subscription payout rates which could significantly impact summit1g’s earnings.

Amidst these potential changes and transitions in the streaming landscape, summit1g’s departure from Twitch signifies a broader shift in content creators seeking greater financial stability beyond traditional platforms.


Tfue, a well-known Twitch streamer, raked in an impressive $5,295,582.44 between August 2019 and October 2021. His significant earnings place him among the top earners on the platform during this period.

Known for his skillful gaming and engaging content, Tfue has garnered a substantial following and continues to be a prominent figure in the Twitch community.

Playing popular games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, Tfue has solidified his position as one of the highest-earning Twitch streamers. However, like many high-profile personalities, he has also faced controversies throughout his career.


NICKMERCS, a popular Twitch streamer, raked in an impressive $5,096,642.12 from August 2019 to October 2021. This substantial sum was generated through subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue.

However, NICKMERCS made a switch to YouTube due to more financially rewarding contracts, sparking discussions about the fairness of Twitch’s payouts.

Leaked Twitch Payout List

Top Earners on Twitch

The leaked Twitch payout list reveals the top earners on the platform, providing a detailed breakdown of their earnings and the games they play. This list has sparked controversies and discussions within the Twitch community.

Detailed list of top earners

Let’s look at the detailed list of top earners from the Twitch leak, which has stirred up significant attention and discussion in the streaming community.

CriticalRole$9,626,712.16August 2019 – October 2021
xQcOWUndisclosedAugust 2019 – October 2021
summit1gUndisclosedAugust 2019 – October 2021
TfueUndisclosedAugust 2019 – October 2021
NICKMERCSUndisclosedAugust 2019 – October 2021

Earners like xQc, Asmongold, and Ludwig are also among those who made considerable amounts during the leak’s timeframe. Yet, specifics of their earnings remain undisclosed. The release of this information has prompted discussions on Twitch’s revenue models and streamer compensation.

Streamers are pondering their future on the platform, given the potential changes to subscription payouts and ad incentives. Next, let’s delve into the games these top-earning streamers play and the controversies the leak has ignited.

Games they play

Top Twitch earners play a variety of games, ranging from popular titles like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” to more niche games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Dungeons & Dragons.” The diversity in the types of games being played demonstrates the broad appeal that streamers have across different gaming communities.

These top earners attract large audiences by engaging with their viewers while showcasing their skills in both competitive and cooperative gaming experiences

This wide range of games played reflects the diverse interests of the Twitch audience, showing how these streamers maintain their popularity.

Controversies surrounding the leaked list

The leaked Twitch payout list sparked debates about fairness and transparency in payouts. This raised questions about Twitch’s payout system, leading some streamers to consider leaving for YouTube due to more lucrative contracts.

In response, Twitch is considering adjusting subscription payout rates and providing more incentives for streamers to run ads, aiming to address concerns raised by the leaked data.


In conclusion, the Twitch leak gave us a peek into the big bucks that top streamers rake in from their channels. It also sparked discussions about fairness and transparency in payouts for online content creators.

The list unveiled surprising earners and raised questions about Twitch’s future strategies to retain its top talent. As more gamers join streaming platforms, it’ll be interesting to see how these revelations impact the industry moving forward.


Someone got a hold of private information and it was shared online, which is how the Twitch leaks came out.

Yes, the list has info on many streamers' pay but some details might be missing or outdated.

People are curious to know who earns the most on Twitch and if their favorite streamers are on that list.

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