Five Ways to Promote Your Start-up on Twitter

Twitter for Your Business

Twitter for Your Business

With over 200 million daily active users, Twitter for your business has become an essential platform for promotions. Engage users, create brand awareness, and boost conversions on this social media powerhouse. Distribute content effortlessly to a vast audience and unlock new growth opportunities.

The idea of reaching millions of leads through a free social media platform sounds intriguing. However, how will you ensure that your business promotions are effective enough to attract potential clients? 

If you are feeling intimidated, do not. We have got everything you need to do to effectively promote your start-up on Twitter. We will guide you on how to use Twitter for your business, and what tips and tricks you can apply to help you improve your marketing efforts on the platform.

How to Use Twitter for Your Business

1. Optimize Your Profile

Having a professional and on-brand Twitter profile helps you make a good first impression on your followers. Optimize your profile and look at how each element can help you reinforce your brand. 

  • Your Twitter handle: This is your account name, and it is how people can find you on Twitter. Generally, your handles should be consistent across all social media platforms. They should include your company name and must align with your branding. 
  • Your Twitter profile picture: It is the picture that appears next to every tweet you make. Thus, it is important to make it look sharp. You can use your wordmark or logo. However, make sure to use the right dimensions for a crisp and clear image. 
  • Header image: The header image appears on your profile, and you might have to update it more often than your profile picture. It can provide information, reflect current campaigns, or offer insight into your culture. 
  • Twitter profile bio: It is the place to tell your profile visitors about your business. Ideally, your Twitter bio should be 160 characters or less. 
  • Your website URL: Do not forget to include your company’s website or the latest campaign link. However, make sure to switch it out when the campaign is over. 

A famous fast food chain Wendy’s does a great job of optimizing its Twitter profile. With a snappy bio, relevant images, and a relevant URL to their website, they tell their audience what type of brand they are. 

Wendy's optimized Twitter profile with images and catchy bio

2. Add Value to Your Content

Adding value to your Twitter content is the same as adding value to any other marketing content. The key to creating influential content is to make your viewers feel like you are speaking directly to them. 

A picture is worth 1000 words. Thus, visuals can help you communicate more with each post on Twitter. Especially, when you can only use 280 characters in a single tweet.

Video content can help you capture attention, which is ideal for product launches. Tweets with videos get up to ten times as much engagement. GIFs provide another great addition to your tweets. You can easily add them directly to your tweets through Twitter’s GIF library. 

Nobody wants to see the same ‘text, CTA, link’ tweet. Adding images to your content is a surefire way to boost engagement. Plus, multimedia tweets also help differentiate your startup from others. Thus, it is time to get creative and increase visual assets to your Twitter content. We recommend you create your tweets using Twitter post templates on PosterMyWall. Get help with the premade templates and boost engagement on your Twitter handle. 

Health care

3. Engage With Your Audience

Twitter is a two-way channel of communication with your followers. It is a very chatty platform. Therefore, engaging on Twitter is important to a winning Twitter marketing strategy.

It is critical to regularly engage with your audience by responding to their comments and tagging them in posts. You should make sure to respond whenever mentioned in a tweet. If there is engagement in your tweet, ensure to reply to the message in a timely fashion. 

Conversations on Twitter move fast. Thus, it is noticeable to your audience if you are not checking in regularly. A failure to be timely and responsive will damage your brand. 

You might need multiple members to monitor your Twitter if it gets too busy. Individual team members can also sign their names to give a personal touch to their customer service. However, if you are the only one responsible for your Twitter, keep a backup member to ensure there are no gaps in engagement. 

4. Venture Into Paid

Once you get good at using Twitter organically, it is time to level up and run your ad campaigns. There are two ways to enter paid media on Twitter; promoted tweets and Twitter ads. Both can be classified as the same approaches, with just a few differences between them. 

Promoted tweets appear in users’ feeds or search results. You pay for the tweet to be displayed to someone who is not already your follower. Such tweets look exactly like regular tweets and function the same way. They can be liked, quoted, or retweeted like all other tweets. 

Twitter ads can help you promote your products, grow your audience, and drive traffic to your website. Using paid advertisements on Twitter is a great way to reach your audience directly. You can set your target audience and Twitter will display your ads to the people you want to reach. Twitter also provides detailed analytics on campaign results. 

However, regardless of how you venture into paid, it is important to use attractive content for paid promotions. We recommend you use small business templates on PosterMyWall to create promotional posts or ads for your startup. 

Digital Marketing Agency Poster

Look how Confluent uses Twitter advertisements to promote its business through a lead magnet in this case. 

Screenshot of a promoted Tweet from confluence promoting a free ebook.

5. Become a Hashtag Expert

Hashtags are useful on all social media platforms, but they were born on Twitter. And until now, they remain an invaluable feature to boost engagement and discoverability. They are a great way to expose your startup to new audiences who may seem to have an interest. They are specifically effective for connecting your brand with what is happening on Twitter. 

Understanding where and how to use hashtags will make your content more impactful. Some businesses create hashtags for a specific campaign and use them in all the relevant tweets. They may also encourage their followers to share Tweets with that hashtag. 

Your task is to find the right hashtags that make sense for your industry and niche. You can also create a branded hashtag, that is unique to your business. You can also try to follow trends and include trending hashtags in your tweets. However, do not overdo it. One or two relevant hashtags per tweet are optimal. 

Unleash the Power of Twitter Marketing

A strong Twitter marketing strategy helps you stand out from the crowd. More importantly, it enables you to keep your audience engaged and stay top of mind for your followers. 

Therefore, use the strategies outlined above to start promoting your startup on Twitter the right way. Although results depend on your efforts, these tips and tricks can surely help you improve your marketing game on the platform. So, gear up and get going!

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