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Website Paying $100 Per Hour For Reading Amazon KDP Books

Website paying $100 to $400 per finished hour for simply reading Amazon KDP Books. So I will be breaking it all down for you. What the website name is, how to get paid, how to sign up, and all the details that you must know to make money.  


The name of this website is called ACX, and they work with different companies like Audible, Amazon, and Itunes to turn up ebooks into audiobooks, which is a really popular thing, especially on Amazon, and KDP. Now, where you come in is you become a voice actor or basically just a narrator.

How It Works

Let’s see how it works. All you have to do is. Find a book that is going to fit your tone, that’s gonna fit your voice, and then you’ll have to record it in samples and send it to the author. But we’ll get into all of that in a moment. Now, if you don’t have the skills, they will train you and teach you how to be able. To be a good narrator through ACX University, and you could check that out on the website. You will have to audition for the books that you are interested in. So not only are you going to have to create a rough draft, but you’ll have to send the brush draft. In and then do a fully finished version as well. And this is just to make sure that your tone is sitting what the author is looking for. Now you can do this as a pro. You can do this as a beginner, and they will train you through different videos and through their ACX University. And you also have an opportunity to earn some. Affiliate marketing money with them as well.

Now let’s go over how you found the book. So these are the titles that are currently accepting auditions and as you can see, it has over 1700 different books ready to be narrated. So you can go through these different titles and you can use the category size in order to find the right. Book for you and you can narrow it down by choosing the different genders in generals that you are interested in doing. So these are just some of the examples of the titles that as you can see it has over 145 pages. So like I said, there are a lot of openings even right now. Choose the gender that the author is looking for. And you can do that by simply clicking on the profile filter and you could change that up there. 

For example, if we just take one book as an example, we can see the estimated link for the amount of time that the author believes will take you to read this book. You do have the choice, of course, to choose the books that you want. So I do suggest that if there is a link like. To the Amazon book that you check it out and read the reviews because you don’t want to read something that maybe doesn’t fit what you represent. Now you can also do books that are going to be under 3 hours in case you do not want to do a large project like that so you can find books. But of course, the fewer hours that you work, the less you’re gonna get paid.  You press start to your recording to the time that you click stop. So anything that you do extra outside of that, such as pre-reading the book before you narrate it is not counted towards your pay. Now, these are just some quick task examples. However, there are some big Bucks to be made on this website. Let’s go over some of the higher-paying books. These are going to be the books that are longer or thicker. For example, a book takes ten or 8 hours to complete from start to finish. And that’s the hours that you’re gonna get paid. And this author is going to pay you from $200 to $400 per finished hour. So you have the potential of earning. $20 to $4,000 with this one book. Okay. And it only takes you 10.8 hours to read it. But again, this is only included for the time that you click start to finish. So if you’re reading the book beforehand, that is not calculated in your hours. And I just want to make that clear. 

Pay Structure

Now let’s break down the pay structure, which I think is actually pretty cool. They give you three different options. They give you the royalty plus the paid per hour or just royalty pay. And the author gets to choose how they want to pay you. However, you’re gonna see it here always so that you’re not blindsided by that at all.

So you can choose a royalty share plus. And this means that you will. Get a royalty off of every cell that they make from the audiobook. And the reason why this is because they’re using your voice in order to make money. So depending on how well the book sells, this can be a really, really great paste-up just for you. However. Let me tell you what you have to look for to make the decision of whether you want to choose the loyalty share plus or the pay per hour. However, the problem is with books like this that have not been listed yet. You have no idea. How this book is going to sell? So you want to if you’re going to choose the royalty or royalty plus find books that are already listed and already have a high number of sales. This way it’ll be better for you in the end. So this one here, as you can see, this one says that it’s going to be 18. One. Hours to read. So instead of getting paid per hour, they’re only offering either a royalty share or royalty plus, which is going to be. Either taking 100% of royalty money or doing royalty lust and hourly wage. However. I would highly recommend that you make sure that the book has already been selling well before you choose a pay structure that is based on royalties.

How You Get Paid

Let’s just bring it all together and go over the eight steps that you need to take before getting paid.

Step 1

Step number one is creating a profile. This is just a requirement for you to get paid.

Step 2

Step number two is going to be uploading different samples of your narrative voice. So you want to upload as many samples as you can if you can make your voice. Higher or lower. If you can do a different accent. If you can sound like a child and then you can sound like an adult. All of these different samples and the versatility and your voice are going to help you get paid quicker.

Step 3

Step number three is going to be choosing how you want to get paid, we’ve already talked about the three different ways for you to get paid. Choose a per-finished-hour rate, or choose to share 50% of royalties. If you’re unsure, choose both.

Step 4

Step number four is going to be auditioning. So once you found a book that fits, you fit your style and that you’re interested in, then you can go ahead and send in your samples and audition for that book.

Step 5

Step number five is when a Rights Holder makes you an offer, agrees on delivery dates for the first 15 minutes of audio and the final audiobook, and payment terms.

Step 6

Record, edit, and upload the 15-minute checkpoint of the audiobook, which the Rights Holder will approve or provide feedback on. When the sample is approved, record the remainder of the project.

Step 7

Step number seven is to actually work with other professionals or other people who are voicemails. So this means that you can pay different independent contractors and they can do the voice acting for you.

Step 8

The final step can actually be getting paid, and you give them a cut of what you got paid. So then you finish the recording. And once you. Finish it, you send it in and they have an automated system just to pick up any extra noise that isn’t acceptable. And from there, then you get paid.

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