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What is USPS First Class Mail? Shipping First Class Mail Explained

Today I want to talk about one of the most popular options you have when you’re mailing a letter or a package and you’re using the post office. And that is USPS First Class Mail. So first-class mail can be used for a lot of things that can be used for letters. It can be used for large envelopes or flats, and it can even be used for packages. 


A lot of businesses really benefit from this service. So you know, you can always send up the 13oz in a letter or a flat. It’s a pretty affordable service. It usually gets there in one to three days. It’s a great way to mail, you know, important documents or things that have to get there by a deadline because it’s a step up from standard mail. And you know, it’s really good to use for letters.

First Class Package

Let’s get to know First Class Package, so with the Post Office, you can send a package, first class mail. Now, first-class Mail costs about half as much as Priority Mail. So it’s a great bargain. I mean, if you want to be sending packages for four, five, $6. First class mail is where it’s at. 


There are few restrictions on first-class mail. The most important restriction on first-class mail is it’s designed for packages that are under a pound. So if you have a package that’s under 16oz, first class mail is probably a good fit for you because, you know, it’s a relatively cheap service as a. Fast service. You know, one to three days. So first class mail is really broken up into four buckets. You have one to 4oz. Five to 8oz. Nine to 12oz. And then 13 to 15, nine. Infinity. So basically, you cover the whole gamut of everything under a pound, breaks up into the four different price rackets that then are distributed across the eight postal zones.  

So because of this, you know, it’s relatively easy to understand. If you know what your package weighs and you know where it’s going. You can just grab that price chart and you can get a quote just like that. And you know, it’s gonna be cheap, it’s gonna be affordable, and it’s gonna be fast.


The drawback to first class mail is that. It’s not a guaranteed service, right? So if I’m using FedEx. Two-day or Ups three Days Select Generally, these Expedite services have some sort of guarantee, right? Some guarantee the delivery date. First Class mail does not have that guaranteed delivery date, although it is a one to three days service. So you know, it’s still a pretty quick service. It’s still pretty good service. But if you need something to get there and your life depends on it. You know, it’s really important. It might not be your best choice. Another thing is there is a maximum package size when shipping with First Class Mail, it’s 22 by 18 by 15. So if your box exceeds those dimensions. On either side. You know, you can get moved up to priority mail, even if your package is still under a pound. So like I said, when you’re thinking about this, make sure that your package is conformed, not just in weight, but also in measurements. Another drawback is if you’re shipping with USPS and you’re already using their packaging. Right. So you’re getting those free flat rate boxes at the post office, or you’re even getting the free priority mail materials. You can’t use those with first-class mail. Those are only for priority mail. So if you’re taking advantage of the post offices’ free shipping materials, you can’t use them with first-class Mail so that’s. Yet another drawback, because you have to go out and, you know, buy expensive shipping materials, whether you’re using mailers or boxes or whatever you’re doing. But. It really doesn’t change the math that much, but it’s important to keep that in mind before you know, you try to send something in a priority mailbox. Another drawback of first-class mail is that it does not come with free insurance. Like Priority Mail does. I think it’s either 50 or $100 you get for free when you ship a package priority mail to the post office. 


First Class Mail sometimes can help you if you’re selling a product online or you know you’re doing an eBay sale or whatever you’re doing, you know that that insurance is a nice little perk and you’re missing out on that. But don’t worry, you still get the tracking. So regardless of. What marketplace you’re selling on? You’ll still be able to give your customers tracking, and you’ll still be able to track that package throughout its route. I think it’s a really powerful tool for any eCommerce seller. Or even if you’re just somebody casually sending a package or a letter, you know, it’s really good to know.  

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