Enhance Security with SPON’s Smart Surveillance Microphone

SPON Smart Surveillance Microphone

(SPON, Date) — SPON, a global leader in technological innovation, has officially unveiled its latest product, the “Surveillance Microphone,” ushering in a revolutionary era in audio monitoring technology. Initially positioned as an auxiliary device for CCTV security systems, it has upgraded its product to include keyword capture and directional audio pickup, further enhancing response efficiency in emergencies with groundbreaking advancements in IP camera technology.

Upgrading the auxiliary device for CCTV security systems to include keyword capture and directional audio pickup

Originally conceived as an auxiliary device for CCTV security systems, the surveillance microphone synchronously transmits both video and audio data alongside camera footage, providing end-users with a more comprehensive monitoring experience.

However, with the technological advancement of IP cameras, these cameras can now independently capture both visual and auditory data.

Against this backdrop, SPON has undergone technological upgrades, introducing keyword capture and directional audio pickup features to offer users a more intelligent and flexible audio monitoring solution.

Keyword Capture: Enabling rapid response in emergencies

Users can set specific keywords such as “help” or “emergency” to trigger alerts when detected by the surveillance microphone.

Upon detecting these keywords, the microphone immediately sends alerts to the backend, notifying personnel of potential emergencies.

Backend staff can swiftly retrieve footage from specific areas, assess the on-site situation, and take appropriate actions.

Directional Audio Pickup: Precisely capturing sound within a specific range

The surveillance microphone supports directional audio pickup, allowing users to set the microphone’s pickup range to precisely capture sound within a specific area while blocking out noise from other directions.

This feature enables the microphone to perform exceptionally well in noisy environments, making it widely applicable in scenarios such as banks and subway systems that require precise monitoring.

The launch of the surveillance microphone signifies our renewed innovation in the field of audio monitoring. By introducing keyword capture and directional audio pickup, we provide users with a more flexible and intelligent solution, empowering them to effectively address various monitoring scenarios.

SPON’s Chief Technology Officer

SPON’s surveillance microphone has garnered widespread attention in the industry, and it is anticipated to bring new business opportunities and market share to the company.

As technology continues to evolve, it remains committed to driving innovation in the field of audio monitoring, offering users more advanced and reliable solutions.

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