Best Essay Rewriter Tools that Are Game Changers for Students

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Essay writing covers a sizable portion of various students’ academic journeys. Throughout your High School or College, you are often required to submit essays on various topics. They can be assigned to groups or individually as well. 

In simpler words, you are excessively assigned to write essays. Because of this, you might face a problem of redundancy. This means that you start writing the same sentences or keep using old ideas in every essay. To tackle this challenge, a technique is commonly used. 

This technique is known as rewriting. In rewriting you edit the first or rough draft of your essay and introduce fresh elements into it. But do you always have to do this task by yourself? The answer is no. This is because now, essay rewriting automation is available.

In this post, we will talk about this automation and the tools that are used for it. 

What is Essay Rewriting?

The purpose of essay rewriting is not singular. You can use this rewriting for various reasons. For example, if you think your essay has excessive grammar errors, you can rewrite it. Similarly, if you think your essay isn’t that readable, you can again rewrite it. 

In rewriting, you can do one of the following things:

  • Change the sentence structures. 
  • Add/Remove words.
  • Shorten or elongate existing sentences.
  • Remove writing flaws.

These are the basic things that rewriting can achieve. You can even add relevant new sentences to your write-up to enhance its quality.

Why Rewrite Essays?

As we said before, rewriting an essay can have various reasons. But if we had to summarize and give you the main purpose of rewriting, it would be this:

When you first write an essay, you focus on transforming your thoughts into words. When the writing is complete, you start proofreading. During this proofreading, you find certain things that can be improved. This improvement can be achieved with the help of rewriting. 

This is a generalized explanation of how rewriting takes place. This should also give you an idea of why rewriting is important. Now, if you are interested in this rewriting process, we will share some great tools with you in the upcoming sections of this post. 

Game-Changing Essay Rewriter Tools

We picked the best rewriting tools available on the internet and will explain them all individually. 

1. Prepostseo


Prepostseo houses several different content optimization tools. One of these is the article rewriter. This article rewriter can be used for essays as well. This tool allows users to rewrite a limited number of words per submission based on the active plan.

This means that if you are using the tool for free, you will be able to rewrite fewer words. Apart from that, this tool also provides multiple rewriting modes. These AI-driven modes can be used to rewrite the same write-up differently.

Key Features of Paraphrasing Tool by PrePostSEO

Here are some of the key features that make this rewriter tool stand tall in the crowd and make it our first choice:

  • The best thing about this amazing tool is that it is freely available to all. You don’t need to sign up and pay anything to start using this tool. Simply visit the tool and start using it immediately but obviously with certain limitations as it gives some privileges to its premium users.
  • Various AI modes of rewriting give you the liberty to keep changing the tone and style of the output. The power of AI enables you to make output more humanly but error-free.
  • The advantage of using this AI-powered rewriter is that it makes your content unique and plagiarism-free in just a few seconds. But still, it is recommended to check your work for plagiarism before final submission.
  • Another handy feature is that it lets you grab files and text directly from your Cloud Storage like Google Drive. So you don’t need to open and copy the text manually, rather this tool does it for you once you guide it to the path.

2. Essay Writing Software

Essay Writing Software

Essay Writing Software is also an online tool like the previous one, but this tool is solely dedicated to rewriting essays. It offers unique features like the level or intensity of rewriting. This means you can control how much the tool rewrites your essay. 

There are options like 20% and 60%. If you don’t want to change up a lot of your essay, then you choose something like 20%. Similarly, if you are not sure about this, you can choose the semi-automatic option which rewrites your essay without any optimization.

Salient Features of Essay Writing Software

Though this writing or rewriting web app and software is quite simple it does have some amazing features that made it possible to grab a place in this list:

  • The best thing about this tool is that it gives you the liberty to control the level of rewriting. You can either select Automatic Rewrite Mode to the selected percentage or you can keep that power to you by opting for “Semi-Automatic” Mode. You can always make output better in semi-automatic mode by selecting words of your choice.
  • Another thing that fascinates me about this tool is the Elegant Look and UI. It is so simple that even a kid of 7 years of age can understand how to use this tool. Hats off to their Web Designer.
  • The Bad Point, though, about this tool is that it is not available freely. As you write, it asks you to subscribe to their plans and shows you only a limited portion of output.

3. Paraphraser


As the name suggests, Paraphraser is primarily a sentence rephrasing tool. However, it also has an article rewriter that can rephrase whole essays. You can simply insert your essay into this tool, and the rest is done automatically. 

This tool offers essay rewriting in multiple languages. This means that even if your essays are written in languages other than English, this tool can rewrite them for you. This tool is best for short essays as the word limit in its free version is 500. To upgrade this, the user has to buy the premium plan.

Important Features of

Although this tool is third in the list if you have a look at its features, you will be forced to rank it at the top:

  • Like PrePostSEO, despite having top-class features, this tool is Free To Use. You don’t even need to register. Simply browse and use Plug and Play devices.
  • Another good thing about it is that you have the option to select different languages. It is a handy feature especially when you are localizing the content, website, or store listings.
  • When you use this tool, you will find out that it’s Smart and Secure. Smart because it uses advanced AI technology and secure because your data is secure with the latest encryption techniques they employ.

4. Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter

Like one of the previously discussed tools, Article Rewriter is another content optimization tool with only one function. This function is article or essay rewriting.  Secondary tools are also available, but the main function is to rewrite content. 

You are given 5 interesting modes that rewrite passages differently. These are:

  • Word Changer
  • Sentence Rewriter
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • AI Rewriter
  • Paragraph Rewriter

The functions of these modes are quite self-explanatory. But they show you that you can rewrite your essays precisely according to requirements. Even though all these modes are not available for free, they are still quite useful.

Key Features

Summarizing the key features of the Article Rewriter tool for you to let you realize why this tool has a place in this list:

  • This tool is not just an article rewriter, but it goes beyond it. You can rewrite smartly because it uses AI like NLP and ML to smartly rewrite the article. While rewriting it removes plagiarism and grammatical errors as well.
  • Various rewriting mode makes this a perfect choice if you have to deal with a different kind of audience.
  • If you are a content marketer then this tool is a blessing because it will save time and cost of creating content for SEO and other marketing purposes.

Wrapping Up

Essay rewriting is an essential skill for students. It maintains the standard of your essays for a long time. But you don’t have to do it manually every time. You can also automate this process now and then using the tools mentioned in the post above. 

However, keep one thing in mind, you shouldn’t overly depend on these tools. This is because if you keep using these tools as shortcuts, you will lose touch with your creative side.

This can negatively affect your academic performance as such assistive tools are not allowed in exams. So, remember to take help from these tools but keep this help limited.

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