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How To Become A Hacker Guide For Beginners

How to become a hacker before we get into that, let’s understand who are hackers and the types of hackers out there. 

Who is Hacker?

A hacker is someone who finds vulnerabilities in a computer system or network by gaining authorized or unauthorized access to the computer or network. 

Types Of Hacker

There are three types of hackers:

  • White Hat Hacker
  • Grey Hat Hacker
  • Black Hat Hacker

White Hat Hacker / Ethical Hacker

A White Hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker gains authorized access to a computer or network in order to discover vulnerabilities or weaknesses and help them fix them. 

Black Hat Hacker

A Black Hat Hacker, on the other hand, gains access to computers and networks through malicious and unauthorized means in order to perform mischievous activities. Black Hat Hackers are mostly involved in criminal activities for their own gains.

Grey Hat Hacker

A grey hat hacker is a hacker who employs malicious means to gain access to a computer and network in order to discover vulnerabilities reports that run our abilities and sometimes help fix the problem. They have no intention of using those vulnerabilities for their own personal gains, unlike Black Hat Hackers. They are, however, ready to forego all ethics, rules, and regulations for a good cause. In essence, Grey Hat Hackers serve as the middle ground between Black Hat and White Hat hackers. 

How To Become A Hacker?

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in becoming any hacker you want to be. 

1 – Kali Linux

Step number one stop using your current operating system and start using Kali Linux. I’m sure you are asking why well, the reason is simple Kali Linux is an OS for hacking and it’s also equipped with over 600 hacking tools for penetrating, cracking passwords, testing, and other cybersecurity purposes. All these tools are more will help you make your hacking career. 

One other thing to know about Kali Linux is that the original source code is open source, and what that means is that you can customize or tweak the system to your own references which are more reasons why it’s called hacker’s paradise. Kali Linux is not really complicated, hence very beginner friendly. However, if you are very new to it you can start with Ubuntu, which is also another Linux system. This will help you get an idea of what you’ll be getting into. 

2 – Learn Computer Networking

The next step is to have a clear understanding of computer networking. Important to know what goes on in the background, having a clear understanding of networking and its various protocols will make it easier for you to be able to manipulate them and get them to do your bidding. It’ll be difficult to gain access to networks whether legally or illegally when you don’t have an idea how these systems and networks operate. 

3 – Learn Computer Programming

If you want to become a very good hacker, then the next step for you is to learn programming. Kali Linux as I said before comes with over 600 hacking tools and they don’t require any programming to be able to use. But then if you want to take hacking seriously and be very good at it, then you’ll need to learn programming. If you have no idea which programming language to learn, you can begin with front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Three languages are not difficult to land and also offer lots of creativity and flexibility. After that, you can add a backend language, such as PHP. 

One language you should learn no matter what is Python. Python is very essential for hacking and it’s also easy to learn and use as a beginner. 

4 – Learn To Gather Information

The fourth step is to learn how to scan and gather valuable information. A hacker without information, or who doesn’t know how to gather information. It’s like an empty gun literally useless. As a hacker, you should be able to scan and gather information on network websites, systems, and more to us to know how to get in or out. Tools to gather information are below

Also, there are other tools to scan and gather information. 

5 – Learn About Various Attacks

The fifth step in the process of becoming a hacker is to understand server and client-side attacks. Several side attacks or service side attacks are attacks that are launched to compromise, breach and exploit the data and applications on a particular server. 

Examples of Serverside attacks include SQL Injection, dos, and ddos attacks amongst others whereas Clientside attacks are targeted at the software or applications on the desktop of a client or user. Client-side attacks are occurs when a user downloads malicious content, understanding these types of attacks will help you understand how to initiate and stop them when necessary. 

6 – Get Used To Popular Hacking Tools

The last step you need as a Hacker is to acquaint yourself with the latest and most popular hacking tools.

Below are some Popular Hacking Tools 

  • Metasploit is primarily a white hat hacking tool that’s used for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. It’s very popular because it makes hacking really easy.
  •  John the Ripper is a very powerful and one of the oldest password cracking and testing tools. It is designed to test password strength and crack passwords via dictionary attacks. 
  • Next on the list is BeEF. Beef is the abbreviation for the browser exploitation framework. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on web browsers. It is used to hook one or more web browsers and use them as speech heads to initiate command modules and feather attacks. 
  • Burp Suite or Burp, as it’s commonly called, is the most widely used Web vulnerability scanner as a proxy base tool used to evaluate and test the security of Web-based applications. 
  • Nmap is one of the most popular and free network discovery tools. It’s used to find live hosts on network ping sweeps, OS detection, and perform Port scanning. 
  • Wireshark is the most popular packet sniffer in the world. What it does is to capture packets of data within a network, such as from your computer to your home office, all the Internet, and display them in a readable form to the end user. 
  • SQL Map is a well-known SQL injection automation tool that’s used for exploiting databases and hacking. It can also read and write files on remote file systems in certain instances. 


So these are the main steps you will need to follow if you plan on becoming a hacker. Follow these steps and also get your hands on the popular hacking tools and you’ll be on the path to becoming a very good hacker. Also, you can make legal money as a hacker. The type of hacker you intend to be will depend on your own morals and principles but have in mind that the Black and Gray Hat hacking is illegal and might get you into serious trouble when caught.

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