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Is Roblox Getting HACKED?

We got some big Roblox news today, guys who could have known. Well, kind of big, actually, we think it’s kind of big, which is a huge Roblox, scam going around. Roblox, maybe even dying or getting hacked, and just a lot more. The rumors about Uncle Al. We think the love for Uncle Al has disappeared. Why do you guys hate him so much? So instead of making you guys talk to Uncle Al. So let’s actually just get into it straight away because we have kind of a bit of news to talk about Roblox.

Is Roblox Getting Hacked?

In the first story, we’re gonna just talk about what’s happening with Roblox recently because there’s been a lot of things going on in specific. I’m talking about Roblox going down. Now let me go over every single instance of Roblox going down in the past couple of days, as well as how they were weird.

It’s just no normal Roblox going down there. There are some weird things going on behind the scenes. There has to be. So Roblox actually hasn’t gone down in a while. And people were kind of just, you know, pretty happy, you know, their servers weren’t made out of paper this time. And, you know, for like the past, like couple weeks. Roblox just really hasn’t gone down for any extended period of time.

But that would all change on the 22nd of September 2022, when Roblox went down. Now that’s not really a big deal, you know, it’s not really a big deal. When you really think about it, it’s like Roblox goes down sometimes, you know, it’s normal. You know, it’s known for a website but this time it was different.

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Why Roblox went down?

Let’s see why Roblox went down this time and why it’s different because of this specific date. The reason is that someone on Youtube uploaded a video called Is Roblox getting hacked on 9/22/22?

Now we know the dates are organized differently in certain countries or whatever. But this is the date that Roblox went down for, like, 45 minutes to an hour. That’s how, you know, a Roblox actually went down. So that just really had a lot of people on their toes because, like what a lot of who were say, Roblox got hacked as like a joke. Hackers these days moving to Roblox. And, you know, it was interesting and we thought that was the end of it. You know, Roblox went up after, like, 30 minutes to an hour. We think it was almost an hour.

And, you know, people just went on with their day until two days later, Roblox went down again for like, 2 hours almost. So yeah. Roblox has just been going down more frequently and people are terrified. Roblox has these kinds of stages of their existence, where they just have, like, weeks, where they go down a little bit more often. And yeah, there also begs the question of Did Roblox got hacked.

Did Roblox get hacked?

The answer is No. But that still begs the question, though, of course, because we want to go check out and see. But we also want to check out if these hackers even said anything because they actually said they were gonna hack Roblox on the day that it went down after like weeks of it not going down.

So let’s check out if those people still exist or not who claimed that they will hack Roblox.

we mean, their accounts are all still here. We don’t think they’ve updated though. We wonder what this person’s feeling is. You know, this person that made this whole, like an ecosystem of these fake hacking accounts, how do they feel that Roblox actually went down on the day they said? They were gonna hack it because that is just crazy. It’s crazy because it’s like, it’s obviously just a coincidence. But we found the account.

So here was the account that originally said that they were gonna hack on that day run 9/22/22, and Roblox actually went down on that day. That’s crazy, We don’t think they got hacked. Obviously, but that is a crazy coincidence.

Roblox is Posting weird videos?

So let’s move on to the next story. That is another small story that We don’t really think matters. The Robot RTC account actually tweeted. The official Roblox channel has started to post YouTube shorts on their channel. Some are wondering if TikTok, like videos, will be uploaded to the channel.

And then they just show a screenshot of Roblox releasing videos on their YouTube channel. When we search for Roblox, it doesn’t even show Roblox’s Youtube channel. It just shows other people’s videos. On their Roblox YouTube channel, they have shorts. They uploaded the same video twice. Just one for shorts and one not for shorts. But one thing we find really funny is they have like a 40-year-old man running this YouTube channel. And he made the title for the short watch until the end.

Now, we don’t think this is a big deal. But we mean, like Roblox actually does upload quite often on their YouTube channel. We didn’t realize how much they uploaded. We think the title is the biggest criminal act that they’ve done here. We don’t know why they made the title that. We think that’s the only thing people should be focusing on right now because that is despicable. 

Is Roblox Dying?

Roblox may be dying now, this is a pretty big story that we want to talk about because it just has to be thinking, you know, there’s been a lack of Roblox news. But you know, Roblox news isn’t the main thing on Roblox. You know, who cares about Roblox news and the grand scheme of things? we do. And you should watch all my news videos. But, you know, over the past couple of days, we just I’ve just been thinking, you know, is Roblox passing away? Is it dying?

You know, We’ve seen so much drama in the news and in other communities. And, you know, stuff like that. And it really has me thinking like Roblox is very eventless. There’s nothing going on, no new games, and no games getting deleted. That should be happening every day because it gives me a video idea. You know, there’s just been a lack of news, a lack of stuff. And there’s been a lot more things going on outside of Roblox Read.

And then we also saw this tweet from KreekCraft that we wanted to talk about here, in which Kreekcraft says Roblox games are absolutely massive. The top five Roblox Games versus. The top five Steam games as of this morning.

And there are two pictures of the top Roblox games compared to top Steam games. You know, Counterstrike is like a million users, Dota two always has a million. And then you go to the Roblox one and they got, like, 58420, like, it’s huge. Roblox is huge. We get that’s it. That’s really all we wanted to talk about. So we guess Roblox isn’t dying. Maybe it is. Who knows? we feel like there was a point in Roblox where they were bigger than this.  

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