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FTP and SFTP service

In the digital world, the demand for secure, scalable, and easily manageable FTP and SFTP service is growing exponentially. Catering to this demand, SFTPCloud emerges as a cloud-based solution that provides FTP and SFTP as a Service. This intuitive platform offers managed FTPS & SFTP servers where data can be stored in the cloud storage of your choice, providing a seamless experience for users. The platform offers a wide array of features designed for simplicity, efficiency, and security, thereby making it an ideal solution for those seeking a cloud-based FTP/SFTP service.

Quick Setup and Easy Management

One of the most striking features of SFTPCloud is its quick setup. Provisioning a new FTPS & SFTP server takes less than a minute. Users simply select the storage they want to use, and SFTPCloud handles the rest. The platform’s user-friendly dashboard and powerful features make the management of FTP & SFTP servers a breeze.

Core Features

  • Quick Setup: Setting up a new FTPS & SFTP server with SFTPCloud is a breeze. It takes less than a minute to select the storage of your choice, and SFTPCloud handles the rest​​
  • Configurable Protocols: Users can easily enable or disable the allowed protocols of the FTPS & SFTP server. Currently, SFTP and FTPS are supported
  • Secure and Scalable: SFTPCloud puts a strong emphasis on security and scalability, using only secure file access protocols
  • Multiple Storages: Users can utilize the S3-based storage provided by SFTPCloud or connect their own cloud storages like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Azure Blob Storage, and others
  • Real-time Active Connections: The platform provides the ability to view in real-time which users are connected to your FTPS/SFTP server
  • Configurable Bandwidth and Storage Quotas: Users have the flexibility to configure the bandwidth & storage each user is allowed to use
  • Notifications: SFTPCloud has a notification system that informs users about different file events via webhooks and email

Security and Availability

SFTPCloud gives high priority to security, providing features like granular user control, strong authentication & encryption, and isolated S3-compatible storage for each user​​. Users can control the login methods, protocols, public keys, and permissions of each user, and restrict access to a specific path (chroot). The data stored on SFTPCloud is encrypted in transit and, when dealing with sensitive data, encrypted at rest. Users can log in using auto-generated strong passwords or public key authentication. Users can also bring their own storage, ensuring that their data is stored on their chosen storage​.


In terms of pricing, SFTPCloud offers different plans that cater to teams of various sizes. The Lite plan, for example, costs €19 per month and includes 10GB of storage and support for up to 5 users. The Startup plan costs €39 per month and offers 20GB of storage and support for up to 15 users. The Business plan, priced at €99 per month, provides 50GB of storage and supports up to 50 users. The Business Pro plan, which costs €219 per month, offers 1TB of storage and supports up to 100 users. The Agency plan, priced at €419 per month, provides 2TB of storage and supports up to 200 users. Finally, the Agency Pro plan, which costs €799 per month, offers 4TB of storage and supports up to 400 users.

Each plan includes features like SFTP and FTPS protocols, webhooks, email notifications, the ability to use your own domain, static IPs, GDPR Compliance, and support​. If you need a larger plan, SFTPCloud also offers customized plans based on your unique business needs.

Free, temporary SFTP and FTP servers

In addition to their managed FTPS and SFTP servers, SFTPCloud provides a unique offering tailored to developers and testers – free temporary FTPS and SFTP servers. This service is perfect for those who require FTP and SFTP servers for testing purposes. The need for testing arises in various scenarios like validating applications’ compatibility and performance with FTP and SFTP servers. Create a Free SFTP server now.


In conclusion, SFTPCloud presents itself as a comprehensive solution for FTP and SFTP needs, focusing on ease of use, security, and scalability. It’s a cloud-native service that allows users to leverage the power and flexibility of cloud storage providers, while also ensuring high levels of data security and user control.

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