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A Guide to Gaining Verification With A Blue Tick

We all want the blue tick on Instagram or on our other social media profiles – it looks official and is impressive. So, here are some tips to achieve it.

Instagram has strict guidelines when it comes to the implementation of verified accounts. This includes not adding links to other social media giants including TikTok or Youtube.

The links can be set up on a website, which is then linked through the profile. This is the only way to get around this guideline without breaking the rules. It is common for verified profiles to do this according to the Celebian blog.

It is also good to set up links to the Instagram profile through the website. This creates a way to the platform with the help of the website traffic and the link on it. It is also common for businesses to set up links to the profile through their emails and/or on other social media pages where these guidelines don’t exist. It is known for being a good way to build credibility and also claims ownership of the profile.

Be More Discoverable

To receive the blue tick on Instagram, you will need to show that you are discoverable. This means people are taking the time to search for your name on Instagram. This shows you are active and well-known leading to needing the blue tick. 

It is common for businesses to set up press releases as a way to stand out. This can often make it easier to get verified as a human is going to be doing it on Instagram’s behalf. You will want to be in the news so they see it too.

You will also want to take the time to look at optimizing the account with the use of branded hashtags. This will make your name pop up on Instagram more often.

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Make Unique Posts

Unique posts are a good way to garner attention and make sure user engagement is high on Instagram. These metrics will ensure Instagram verifies your account. It will also help you stand out more.

You will want to think about the feed theme, distinct brand voice, content strategy, and how you use hashtags for good results. It is the only way to get the results that you want over time. 

You will want to be distinct with your approach. This is how you are going to give the audience more to look at and learn about the brand.

Go With a PR Agency

A PR agency is going to be well-versed in getting the word out about you. They will understand what it takes to get verified and that will make it easier for your right away.

They are going to help submit requests to validate the account, merge accounts, and/or claim usernames.

This is going to legitimize the approach and also reduce some of the stress on your shoulders during the verification process. This is much better than tricking the system with bots as a way to show engagement. This is unnecessary when a PR agency is helping along the way. This agency helps people with its Instagram verification service.

Losing The Blue Tick On Instagram 

It is possible to lose the blue tick when you are verified. This creates a situation where you break the rules on Instagram and they feel you were misleading with your information during the application.

Always follow the rules to make sure you remain on the platform. It is about creating engaging posts and ensuring your account remains public too.

After 30 days, you can apply for the verification again. This is often effective if the first application was rejected.

Look at these tips when you want to be authentic and receive approval. It will also help garner respect from the audience.

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