How to Buy Crypto with Venmo Easily: Your Ultimate Guide

Buy Crypto with Venmo

Welcome to the world of crypto! If you’ve been curious about entering the cryptocurrency market but didn’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of buying crypto with Venmo easily. With the rise of digital currencies, it’s now possible to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash directly through the Venmo app. You can start with as little as $1 and explore the exciting world of crypto right within the app you already know and love. In this guide, we’ll show you how to leverage Venmo’s user-friendly interface to buy crypto with Venmo.

Exploring Crypto the Venmo Way

Venmo Crypto

Starting Small: Your First Crypto Purchase

Your first crypto purchase doesn’t have to be a significant financial commitment. In fact, you can begin your crypto journey with as little as $1. It’s as easy as using the payback from yesterday’s coffee run to make your initial investment.

Buying and Tracking Four Types of Crypto

Venmo allows you to purchase four major cryptocurrencies effortlessly: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can do this with just a few taps on your mobile device. Additionally, you have the option to set price alerts for any of these cryptocurrencies. Venmo will send you push notifications when the value changes by 5% or 10% in a single day, helping you stay informed about your investments.

Crypto with Confidence

One of the key advantages of using Venmo for crypto transactions is the familiarity and trust associated with the platform. You can buy, hold, and sell crypto with confidence, knowing that you are using an app you already know and love. Venmo also provides in-app articles and videos to assist you every step of the way, making your crypto journey as smooth as possible.

Express Yourself with Custom Stickers

Venmo adds a fun element to your crypto experience. You can choose to share your crypto purchases on your Venmo feed using custom stickers. This feature allows you to celebrate your investments and connect with the growing crypto community within Venmo.

Setting Up Your Venmo Account

To begin your crypto venture with Venmo, you must first ensure your Venmo account is up and running. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry; creating an account is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Venmo App: Visit your device’s app store, whether it’s iOS or Android, and download the Venmo app.
  2. Sign Up: Open the app and sign up using your mobile number or email address. You’ll also need to create a secure password.
  3. Link Your Bank Account: Connect your Venmo account to your bank account. This step is crucial for transferring funds to buy crypto.
  4. Verify Your Identity: Venmo may require additional verification to ensure the security of your account. Follow the prompts to complete this step.

Now that your Venmo account is ready, let’s delve into the exciting world of crypto transactions.

Exploring Crypto Options

Before proceeding, it’s essential to understand the various cryptocurrencies available for purchase. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular choices, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies to explore. Research and choose the one that aligns with your investment goals.

Step by Step: How to Buy Crypto with Venmo

Buy Crypto with Venmo

Step 1: Open Venmo and Select Crypto from the Menu

To get started, open your Venmo app and look for the “Crypto” option in the menu.

Step 2: Make Your First Purchase for as Little as $1

Once you’ve selected “Crypto,” you can make your first crypto purchase with as little as $1. This low barrier to entry ensures that anyone can participate in the crypto market.

Step 3: Keep Tabs on Your Crypto with Price Alerts

Venmo allows you to keep a close eye on your crypto investments by setting price alerts. This feature ensures that you are always aware of price fluctuations, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Please note that Venmo is rolling out its crypto feature gradually, so it may not be available in your app immediately. Be patient, and soon you’ll be able to embark on your crypto journey.

How to Send Crypto on Venmo: A Seamless Process

Sending cryptocurrency through Venmo is a straightforward process that mirrors the platform’s simplicity in money transfers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send crypto via Venmo:

  1. Launch Venmo App on Your Mobile Device: Begin by launching the Venmo app on your mobile device. If you haven’t already, log in to your Venmo account.
  2. Select Your Recipient: Choose the recipient to whom you intend to send the cryptocurrency payment, much like you would when sending a traditional Venmo payment.
  3. Choose the Crypto Option: As you proceed with the payment process on Venmo, you’ll have the option to select one or more cryptocurrencies for payment. Venmo supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.
  4. Enter the Amount: Specify the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send, and Venmo will also display its equivalent value in your local currency for your convenience.
  5. Review and Confirm: Before finalizing the transaction, take a moment to review all the details, including recipient information and the total amount due. Ensure that everything is accurate. Once you’ve verified the details, go ahead and confirm the transaction to execute it successfully.
  6. Transaction Completion: Upon completion of the transaction, the recipient will have the cryptocurrency credited to their Venmo account. They can choose to hold onto it or convert it into their preferred currency as they see fit.

Sending cryptocurrency on Venmo is as seamless as sending a regular Venmo payment. With just a few clicks, you can securely transfer digital assets to your chosen recipient, adding a layer of versatility to your financial transactions.

Venmo Crypto Fees: A Closer Look at Costs

Buy Crypto with Venmo

When it comes to using Venmo for cryptocurrency transactions, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the associated fees. These fees can vary depending on the specific transactions you engage in. Let’s break down the costs you should be aware of:

  1. Purchase Fees: Venmo charges a fee based on the purchase amount for any cryptocurrency acquisitions made through its platform. The exact fee can fluctuate, and it often depends on which cryptocurrencies you’re buying. Different coins may have different fee structures, so it’s crucial to review the fee schedule for the specific coins you’re interested in.
  2. Selling Fees: If you decide to sell your cryptocurrency holdings within the Venmo app, be prepared for an additional fee. This fee may vary and should be taken into account when planning your crypto transactions.
  3. Conversion Costs: When you convert your cryptocurrency holdings into your local currency, Venmo will deduct an amount based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the conversion. Exchange rates can fluctuate, so it’s advisable to keep an eye on them to minimize conversion costs.
  4. Fee Schedule: Venmo has a comprehensive fee schedule that outlines the transaction costs and related expenses for various crypto activities. Before engaging in any transactions on Venmo, it’s essential to review this fee schedule thoroughly. Staying informed about the fees will help you make financially sound decisions.

Understanding the fees associated with Venmo’s cryptocurrency services will empower you to make informed choices that align with your financial goals.

Venmo Crypto Security Measures: Safeguarding Your Assets

Security is paramount when dealing with cryptocurrencies, and Venmo takes several measures to ensure the safety of your crypto transactions. Here’s a closer look at the security measures Venmo has in place:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication: Venmo employs two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of your account. This means that in addition to your password, you’ll need to provide a second form of verification to access your account. This extra layer of security helps prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Biometric Authentication: To further secure your login process, Venmo supports biometric authentication methods like fingerprint and facial recognition. These advanced technologies make it even more challenging for unauthorized individuals to access your account.
  3. Encryption Protocols: During cryptocurrency transactions and data transfers, Venmo uses robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive information. Encryption ensures that your financial and personal data remain confidential and secure.
  4. Private Key Management: While Venmo allows users to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency accounts, they do not maintain full control over your private keys. Instead, they manage the security aspects on your behalf. This approach offers a balance between user control and platform security.

By implementing these security measures, Venmo aims to provide a safe and reliable environment for users to engage in cryptocurrency transactions. However, it’s important to remember that, like any financial service, staying vigilant and practicing good security habits on your end are also crucial for a secure crypto experience.

Get Familiar with Crypto Resources

For more educational resources and answers to your crypto-related questions, check out the crypto section of your Venmo app. If you still have questions or need assistance, Venmo’s Help Center is there to provide support.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Venmo to buy any cryptocurrency?

Yes, most crypto exchanges that accept Venmo offer a variety of cryptocurrencies, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Is it safe to buy crypto with Venmo?

Yes, as long as you use reputable exchanges and follow security best practices, buying crypto with Venmo is safe.

Are there fees associated with buying crypto using Venmo?

Exchanges may charge fees for transactions. Be sure to check the fee structure of your chosen platform.

Can I sell my crypto and withdraw funds to Venmo?

Absolutely, you can sell your crypto assets on the exchange and withdraw the proceeds to your linked Venmo account.

How do I keep my crypto investments secure?

Consider using a hardware wallet for added security. It’s essential to store your crypto assets safely.

Is it possible to trade crypto within the Venmo app?

As of now, Venmo doesn’t offer in-app crypto trading. You’ll need to use a compatible crypto exchange.


Now that you have a clear understanding of how to buy crypto with Venmo easily, you can confidently start your crypto journey. With Venmo’s user-friendly platform and low entry point, investing in cryptocurrencies has never been more accessible. So, open your Venmo app, explore the world of crypto, and make your first crypto purchase for as little as $1. Happy investing!

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