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The 10 Best Free Android TV Apps You Must Have

TV is an incredible home entertainment OS at the heart of many TV projectors. It is also a home theater setup for millions across the globe. As we all know that Android TV Apps and Android Phone Apps make our lives easier. Let’s discuss the 10 best free Android TV Apps to make them more entertaining and organized.

1 – FX File Manager

FX File Explorer features a Material Design UI and new ways to transfer your files between devices and computers. If you do have another TV set-top box or even a Chromecast with a Google TV dongle, you might run into storage and file management issues. Right out of Gate, an essential app for both Android Smartphones and TV set-top boxes by large to help you get to groups with any files, though is FX File Explorer. 

There is more to this file management system than just general file management because Google has refrained from making a dedicated drive app. Android TV, FX, and File Explorer offer you an opportunity to link directly to your existing cloud storage account and more than that other accounts from other providers. If you do happen to have videos, images, and other media stored in your online Google account. FX gives the option to play and view these with a great interface on top of that taboo, which we think makes this essential for anyone out there wanting to share more than just files. 

2 – Send Files to TV

Transfer Any files to your Android Smart TV, simply. In conjunction with a good file management application, you should definitely take a look at sending files to the team. Basically, this app is a godsend when you want to send and receive files between your Android TV devices and your smartphone and tablet, for instance. 

Normally, this can be a laborious process that requires cables or even USB drives and SD cards to get a file from your phone to your TV system using your local network, though you can. Connect directly to your phone or from your TV to your phone with Sendfaster TV and bypass this frustration. This allows you to just share all kinds of file.It helps as well that the interface is just also super easy to grasp. Just two options to choose to send and then choose to receive. 

3 – Plex

Plex is among the very best solutions for managing any of your downloaded and created media. It also seems to work with any media that have started locally, which is great if you do plug in a hard drive full of old movies and TV shows, as the Plex app is capable of automatically sorting and categorizing, with the actual user input being fairly minimal. 

There are some paid tier options, but overall, Plex offers a great alternative for people out there that prefer to self-manage their meaty collections rather than using paid-for streaming services. 

4 – Button Mapper

Button Mapper allows to actually finetune a remote to work just how you wanted to. The simpler explanation of what Button Mapper does is to let you adjust what each button on your physical remote can do. By adding the ability to DOUBLETAP and long press each individual button. You can do just more with even basic or limited remotes than they will be capable of right out of the box. On top of that, a one-time fee does unlock some more options and customization control, but it is worth every Penny if you are frustrated with your Android TV remote as it. 

5 – RetroArch

RetroArch is one for the gamers out there. Itching to play some classic titles from the favorite consoles, effectively, a bundle of the most popular Emulators or rolled into one package. RetroArch lets you load hookup, and configure all of your favorite peripherals and manage a massive array of consoles and gaming titles an easy to use.

Everything from classic arcade titles to PS2 and even Wii games can be emulated here, especially as most Android TV boxes do have a little bit more grunt under the hood than you would expect. App and game performance, though, will depend heavily upon your actual Android TV hardware, though if you want to play a glut of 3D systems available, you may need to be wary that performance may vary from device to device. That said, once you get things up and running, it’s a treasure trove of entertainment. For fans of almost all gaming eras, you will, though, need to learn how to use the app but once you’ve done that, it’s easy enough to get your head around things and enjoy some of the best games you might not have played for a long, long time. 

6 – Air Screen

Everybody out there has not an Android phone, and that’s okay because, with Air Screen, you can use an iOS device to cast and screen mirror with consuming. Air Screen basically opens up the airplay. Functionality for iOS and Mac OS hardware on your Android TV devices, and this means that you can screen mirror almost natively without needing an Apple TV set-top box under your TV itself.

One of the best things here, though, is that you only need to install an air screen on your Android TV devices. Without needing to open or add an app to your iOS phone or any other iOS devices, for that matter, there’s also on top of that support for four HD video streaming, which is yet another bonus, as you can enjoy content not normally viewable at native resolution on your iPhone or your iPad.

7 – TVUsage

TV usage lets you lock your Android TV system with a four-digit pin. Do things like set screen time and usage hours for specific applications. Add install protection plus.  There are also a few things under the hood that you might want to take a look at you’re able to access things such as using charts that let you check on your previous three days of actual TV use. And while this might seem like overkill for most of you out there, it is a great parental control and lets you keep better track of TV usage in your home, and the ability to set it. 

Break periods at custom intervals are going to be a worthwhile tool alone as it helps people and children, especially stop binge-watching unless you step away from the screen every so often thought the betterment of your health. 

8 – TV Bro

Web browser optimized to use with TV remote such as working with TV remote, tabs and bookmarks support, voice search support ,and switch user agent support.

It was one thing that is really frustrating on TVs, especially it’s browsing the web and it isn’t always fun or intuitive because of the input methods. Sure you can get fully featured web browsers side-loaded which will work just fine, but navigating them with a remote can be unwieldy and rather frustrating if you want a more pleasant albeit very basic and streamlined. Streamlined experience, then you might want to take a look at TV Bro, which is terribly named, but it is an ideal alternative. It’s hard to deny that TV Bro is not the most attractive out there, but it has been fully optimized for a remote-based UI with far greater reliability than some other options.

9 – Steam Link

Steam Link will extend your Steam gaming experience to your mobile device, TV, or another PC, all you need is a local network or internet connection. If you have access to a powerful or not-so-powerful gaming PC, then you should definitely give Steam Link a try. 

Well, with this app and another app installed on your PC, you’re able to stream the games that you have in your library from your computer to an Android TV bo. On top of that smartphones and tablets. And this does rely heavily upon your internal network conditions and can be spotty the further that you actually get awayfrom your gaming PC.

10 – KODI

Kodi is free media players available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. Kodi is great if you want to create a one stop shop for all of your streaming needs, but it can be pretty daunting for first-time users.

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