Tuesday, February 7

10 Amazon Gadgets You Must Buy Now

Amazon Prime Day is your only chance to get a couple of gadgets to level up your intelligence, your safety, and stress resistance at the lowest price of the year. Let’s find out 10 Amazon Gadgets that are worth buying through Amazon Shopping. 

1- Ferrofluid Speaker Music Companion


Want to see the music? Put this thing somewhere near the Bluetooth Speaker, laptop, or any other music source. The black droplet inside starts to dance. In fact, it’s a ferrofluid that reacts to the beats of the song you’ve turned on. You see that mic on the back this way, it’ll dance for up to 12 hours, and then you have to juice the device up. And since the music companion is made of bamboo. It’ll fit most of the interiors, so turn on the beats. 

2 – Card Blocr Credit Card Wallet

Credit Card Holder

This compact and functional wallet will help you keep all your credit cards in cash. In one place, a built-in card holder fits up to six cards. Simply press the button to release one of them, and they’ll fan out for easier access. Plus, just like any other UpToDate wallet, this one features RFID protection. Finally, there’s that money clip for your bills on the other side. It also uses genuine leather that adds up to the premium look.

3 – Portable Folding Hammocks with Stand

Hammock Stand

What’s so special about this Mock One portable folding Hammock? Well, first and foremost, you don’t need a single tree to install it. All you need is just 1 minute to unfold this thing. It’s safe and secure and just like any other traditional hammock, this one is designed to put you in the most comfortable position. Plus, there’s a bunch of area accessories to make it even better, including a net for bugs, a Tarp for rain or Privacy, and quilts for warmth when folded. It’s super easy to carry and keep in your trunk. 

4- Tech8 USA Mouse Mover

Undetectable Mouse Mover

This is the device for those whose bosses are too keen on micromanaging and won’t let them leave the PC even for a minute. Well, you can delegate your presence in front of you. To this mouse mover, enjoy your cup of coffee and peace and calm. Yep. This device is equipped with a moving disc that makes your optical mouse move randomly. In this way. Keep your computer active, preventing away status on Zoom, Skype, and so on. Just plug the mover into a wall charger or USB Port. Turn it on and put the mouse on the desk. It’s silent. It can’t be detected by your company. It’s equipped with cradles so the mouse won’t fall off. 

5 – CHOVERY Window Cleaner Robot

Chovery Window Cleaner

That moment you realized it’s not bad weather. It’s just dirty windows. Well with CHOVERY Robot, you’ll change the situation for the better without being distracted from your Zoom meeting. First, put on the pads and plug in all the cords. Short and long. After that, press the device towards the smooth surface you want to clean and super suction power will keep it. In place, while the robot will actually move around, cleaning 10 sqft every three minutes to get the job done, you need two sets of microfiber pads, one set for one cleaning either dry or wet. Found the spot. Use the remote to get rid of it. 

6 – eX-Mars Cube

Robot Cube

This is a brand new way to solve the Rubik’s Cube. This one is a smart Cube with a ton of cool features both the Beginners and Pros will appreciate. First, there are colorful LEDs instead of painted plastic. The Cube will automatically assist you and gently give you some hints as you make your first steps. The auto Scrambling feature is also really neat. The Speed Cubers will certainly appreciate the built-in solving timer. Once you’re done, you can even watch a playback of how you solve the Cube. Too lazy to move your hands. It’ll do that on its own if you give it a voice command. The sensitivity and brightness are easily adjustable. In addition, this Cube can be used as an alarm, intelligent dice, or just as a decorative item. You can even program the CUBE with the Scratch app to add brand-new features. 

7 – Govee Neon Light Strip


Goove features are multiple smart, icy chips, giving you stunning segmented colors and extensive customization. That empty wall looks too boring It’s all thanks to Govee’s ultra luminous neon rope lights. The ropes are made of flexible Silicon and come with a bunch of adhesive clips so you can bend it however you like we mounted it on the back of the iMac. The modes can be changed by pressing the buttons on the control box or via the app. Check out how cool it looks from the front, yet the coolest one is definitely the music mode when the built-in Highsensitive mic thinks the lights with the playing music or a movie and turns. Your flowing rainbow into a light show. Awesome. In the Govee Home app, you can customize the strip even more. For example, you can adjust the brightness and choose one of the preset scenes. Let’s Mount one more rope on the wall using the clips again. 

8 – Beeline Moto + Beeline Velo

Beeline Moto Black

Be aware of everything around you without checking your phone. The Beeline Moto and The Beeline Velo are safe and directions to directions to new places. Just keep your eyes focused on what’s ahead of you. To eliminate any accidents, the device features large arrows to show the current direction you’re heading in, and the onscreen dot indicates the direction of your next turn. Furthermore, this sleek NAV helps you monitor the distance before your next maneuver. With a countdown that you can set to metric or Imperial units. You know what the junction indicators will show, roundabout exits and even road Forks guiding you clearly to avoid any confusion, and with two route modes to choose from this guide you in a way that feels clear to you.

9 – KeySmart Max

KeySmart Max

This smart key organizer addresses two major issues, convenience, and safety. So first, it makes your key set much more compact and easy to carry. It provides enough space for up to 14 keys, along with the included bottle opener, screwdriver, and bright Led flashlight. Adding a new key and removing the other one is actually a piece of cake. What makes this thing? Really smart though, is the special mobile app. It allows you to track your keys on the map or make them ring with a loud tune when you can’t find them, not enough for you. Click the Car Fob and a Stylish to keep all the essentials in one place. 

10 – XTorch LED Light

Xtorch LED Rechargeable

Your house is out of power this torch light is your magic wand to find out what’s happened. So it has several light modes and even a side Lantern in case you need to inspect bigger spaces. Oh, the phone’s battery’s dead. Use the torch to juice it up when the green indicators show a low battery on the light, just charge it with the power of the sun.  Aside from that, it the light, super sturdy, and waterproof it can even float. So we suggest clipping this thing to your backpack and going find another adventure outdoors. 

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