Review 2023: Is It the Best Ai Writing Tool? Review 2023: Is It the Best Ai Writing Tool?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is making its mark in almost every field that you can think of. According to a report by Gartner, AI generated $2.9 trillion value in business value in the year 2021.

Riding on this wave is, an AI-powered writing assistant that is quickly gaining recognition for its stellar capabilities.

Combining advanced AI technology and comprehensive features, has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the field of AI writing tools. is renowned for its efficiency, ease of use, and ability to improve readability while ensuring unique, SEO-friendly content. 

In the realm of AI-powered paraphrasing tools, has gained significant attention. This review will delve deep into its features, capabilities, and performance to ascertain if it indeed stands as the best AI paraphrasing tool in the market. A Detailed Overview has carved a niche for itself as a multi-faceted AI writing assistant tool that helps generate high-quality content. It has more than 30+ tools in its bucket. 

Whether you’re a content writer, marketer, or student, this tool has something to offer to everyone. This review is particularly on the ‘Paraphraser’ tool of this AI platform. 


The paraphrasing tool of is a game-changer for content creators. Using advanced AI algorithms, it offers eight unique paraphrasing modes tailored to meet different needs. 

Whether it’s simply rewording a sentence or recreating a whole article while preserving its original essence, this tool handles it all with finesse. 

These are the unique built-in features of Parapharser that set it apart.

Eight Paraphrasing Modes

This is the heart of It provides eight unique paraphrasing modes. Which are:

Free Rewriter: This mode offers basic paraphrasing, changing words and phrases to produce a fresh version of the original text.

Text Improver: As the name suggests, this mode aims to elevate your text quality, enhancing readability and making it more engaging.

Near Human: This mode mimics near-human level paraphrasing, creating highly natural, almost human-written content.

Plagiarism Remover: Ideal for maintaining originality, this mode removes any plagiarism in the text, ensuring your content is unique.

Creative: This mode injects creativity into your content, ideal for crafting compelling ad copies or social media posts.

Academic: Specifically designed for academic purposes, this mode is perfect for paraphrasing research papers and essays.

Quill Text: Designed to produce high-quality content, this mode is your go-to for professional, high-standard writing.

Sentence Rephraser: This mode focuses on rephrasing individual sentences, making them more clear and concise while retaining their original meaning.

Four Tones isn’t just about rewriting; it’s also about setting the tone for output text. You can choose between four tones – formal, casual, professional, and witty, to align your content with your specific context and audience.

Plagiarism Checker

A built-in plagiarism checker ensures your content remains original and plagiarism-free, making it a go-to tool for maintaining content integrity and SEO-friendliness.

Text Summarizer 

This feature condenses long pieces of content into concise summaries without losing the original context. It generates two types of summaries – AI-written ‘near human’ summaries for a more engaging twist, and ‘original word summaries’ that retain more of the initial phrasing.

Babu Writing Assistant

An AI Editor of aids in polishing and editing paraphrased text. Other than that you can craft engaging content from scratch as well. Whether you’re drafting an essay, story, blog post, or any other type of content, BABU is there to assist.

Sentence Rephrasing Feature

The sentence rephrasing feature is designed to effortlessly adjust any potentially unfitting sentence within your text with just a click. further makes this convenient by providing you with five different options to choose from.

Pricing Plans offers three pricing plans designed to meet diverse needs:

Solo Text Generation Plan 

Priced at $15 monthly or $144 annually, this plan allows text generation for up to 25,000 words with the monthly plan and 60,000 words with the annual plan. 

It covers various types of content, including essays, stories, and blogs.

Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan

Available at $7 per month or $60 per year, this plan provides access to the paraphrasing tool for unlimited words.

All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan

At $20 monthly or $192 annually, this comprehensive plan offers:

  • Paraphrasing tool for unlimited words
  • Plagiarism checker for up to 5,000 words with the monthly plan and 60,000 words with the annual plan
  • Text generation for up to 50,000 words with a monthly plan and 600,000 words with an annual plan
  • It also includes a free AI content detector and a free AI content bypasser tool.

How to Use A Step-by-Step Guide

Using was a smooth process. Here’s how I’ve transformed my blogging piece into unique, plagiarism-free content using

Researching Content

To start with, I dove into research. The built-in web browsing feature in allowed me to source reliable information directly from the platform itself, fortifying my content with facts and figures.

Researching Content

Drafting the Initial Content

Post-research, I crafted a rough draft of the blog. At this stage, my aim was not to create a perfect piece but to establish a strong basis for the final content.

Selecting the Appropriate Tone

With the diverse modes and tones offered by, I was able to pick the right tone that would resonate the most with my target audience.

Selecting the Appropriate Tone

Using the Creative Mode

Next, I employed the ‘Creative Mode’ to rewrite the initial draft. This generated an engaging, creative, and unique version of my content, ensuring it was plagiarism-free.

Using the Creative Mode

Rephrasing Sentences and Replacing Synonyms

After rephrasing, to refine the content further, I used sentence rephrasing and synonym-changing features. This process enhanced readability, upheld originality, and boosted the overall quality of my blog post.

Rephrasing Sentences and Replacing Synonyms

Checking for Plagiarism

I then ran the content through the built-in plagiarism checker to guarantee its uniqueness, avoiding any potential plagiarism pitfalls. It showed 100% unique content.

Checking for Plagiarism

Creating Meta Descriptions

Leveraging the built-in text summarizer, I crafted a compelling meta description to bolster SEO and pique the interest of potential readers.

Creating Meta Descriptions

Final Manual Editing

Finally, I used the BABU Writing Assistant for the last round of editing. This allowed me to tweak and fine-tune my blog post, ensuring it was ready for the world to see.

Final Manual Editing

By adhering to this process, I managed to harness the power of to craft engaging and unique blog content, significantly simplifying my content creation journey. Review: Final Verdict?

After extensive use and exploration, I confidently say is the best AI writing tool in the current market. 

It sets itself apart with its diverse array of features, from unique paraphrasing modes tailored for various contexts to a built-in plagiarism checker ensuring content originality. 

Its pricing plans also offer impressive value for money, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. 

The ability to rewrite compelling content, create catchy meta descriptions, and even generate fresh ideas using the AI Editor enhances its utility in diverse writing scenarios. 

So, whether you’re a content creator, a marketer, or an academic writer, can streamline your writing process and help you create top-notch, unique content with ease and efficiency.

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